Tibetan Tea part 1

in photography •  25 days ago

Cultural exploration, it’s a fine thing indeed. I spend much of my time digging into the various travel material and will always spend some time reading into things to see and do. Of course, no travel would be complete without sampling some of the very best food and drink from the local speciality. My Tibetan trip would follow this trend as I went in search of some authentic beverages that the country is known for. China has many traditional drinks that are even unique to certain areas of the country. Travelling around the autonomous region of Tibet to sample some authentic beverages would be an exciting experience as I did not know what to expect. I would research and look for these on the fly as we travelled from area to area.

Throughout the duration of my travels I got to interact with the friendly locals who were most hospitable. They would often offer me a welcome drink and I couldn’t help but ask about the local specialities when it comes to quenching a bit of thirst.

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