The Pineapple cake with tea.

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Afternoon tea is fascinating, especially with all the different cultural quirks surrounding the activity. My favourite still remains the Chinese afternoon tea. It's not the luxurious English kind in a luxurious hotel with a beautiful layered platter of sandwiches and scones, no, it is actually just the evolution of the standard practice of having Tea in the afternoon with some snacks.

Chinese tea is highly reputable, especially the Pu'er variety but that is the quality tea normally reserved for important guests or special functions. The rest of the time, green tea or jasmin tea is the preferred choice.

An interesting choice of snack on this occasion is the Pineapple cake. This sweet traditional Taiwanese pastry is the perfect snack to boost your day with a lot of positive energy.

Pineapples actually played a large role in Taiwan's economy during the occupation of Taiwan by China and so many other food stuffs were created to use this plentiful fruit.

Today, the pineapple still serves as one of Taiwan's largest and best food exports, helping it keep a large part of it's agricultural economies afloat.


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Here in India it is prefered to drink tea with snacks. I've never tried the pineapple cake but it looks delicious looking at the picture. In india majority of people prefer tea more than coffee anen want some sweet or cryspy thing to eat with tea..