Sensual food

in photography •  6 months ago

2.jpg There is something about the glamour of food that makes it so attractive to people throughout the ages. In the modern day, we've associated some sexual themes with food and even combine it with actual sex in a variety of exotic and erotic ways. Just think about the connotations of cherries, creme, etc and you may quickly get a feeling of something sensual popping up in your mind. That makes a whole lot of sense in retrospect because consumption of good tasty food releases the kind of hormones our body associates with pleasure, something sex also provides. And thus, it's really not a surprise that "food porn" has become a mainstream description of beautiful looking food. Speaking of food porn, in the traditional use of the word, most people associate it with foods that are unhealthy, containing a lot of sugar, fat or being extremely high in calories. They are arousing in the sense that they bring up the desire to eat them, even as a substitute for sex. Glamorising the aesthetic of food in the same way as people do it with porn has thus given us this interesting "new age" description of otherwise provocative food.

In the spirit of food porn, here's another highly bokeh'd shot of two of my favourite things. Flowers, and food.

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