Wat Chaithararam Phuket

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Majority of Thais are Buddhist So Buddhist temples are among the most important symbols of Thailand. There are 29 Buddhist temples in phuket.
Wat Chalong is most famous and the largest of Phuket temples. Locals and many Thai tourists come to pray and pay respects to several revered monks.

These are photographs from my last Phuket visit. It was an amazing unforgettable experience. A truly inspiring temple that epitomizes Buddhist peace






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Beautiful place!

nice place dude

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A really beautiful picture and a very cool place well done publishing

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I want to go to Phuket.thanks for share

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Beautiful photography and temple

demaciado preciosa me encantaria tener la oportunidad de viajar hasta alla

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amazing post, keep it up

atto sobi kotha theke uthaisos re bekkol...onek nice hoise pic gula voloy paros chalia ja re pagla.

What do Buddhists believe in again?

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Buddhism is focused on liberation from suffering, by a complete and profound acceptance of everything that exists. By accepting fully every situation, one is freed from desires and thus from suffering.

This is a bit similar to stoicism philosophy. Although some variations of buddhism, ie. Tibetan buddhism, also adds emphasis on reincarnation and what happens in the afterlife.

hermoso el templo,,,,,,diferente

The appearance is wonderful and very nice in

this photo is excellent and very nice and congratulation for you visit a the temple

If in photography the place is majestic, imagine that being there is another level

Beautiful bredren, congratz... Enjoy the life

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I really love your photographs. I would love to visit Thailand if I ever had an opportunity.

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The temples in that part of the world are so beautiful. they present such feats of architecture that truly marvel me. such serene places often in the midst of the busiest nations.

these images make me wanna go to phuket. lol. soon.

beautiful temple.

This is one of the reasons I so want to visit Thailand! These beautiful temples are just amazing.

waooo beautiful landscape

these temples symbol of thailand. and it's really beautiful

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What beautiful place. I really like this temple. Golden and white color on temple give me feeling of peace and serene place.

I am from thailand and thankyou for your love of our culture, much love to you