#HHG11 Theme Culture &Tradition: India’s Jewellery Tradition!

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Today, I’m going to share about India’s heavy and traditional jewellery collection. #HHG encouraged me to write about my tradition and culture, and I’m enjoying write about it.

In India women love to wear jewellery in every occasion. Actually, no party look is complete without jewellery. Jewellery completes women,if it is heavy jewellery or light, jewellery is must for every girl or woman.

Origin Of Indian Jewellery:

One the first man who had started making jewellery was from Indus Valley Civilization by 1500 BC. The people of Indus Valley were making gold necklaces and earrings, metallic Bangles and beads necklaces. Men also used to wear beads necklaces and rings.

India is a first country who mined diamond, with some mines dating back 296 BC, and traded them all over the world.

There are many type of jewellery which females wear as a beautiful ornament like bangels, bracelet, necklace, Rings, forehead jewellery, waist belt, hip chain, hair accessories, armpit, anklet, nose ring or pin, and earrings.

Let’s have a look at Indian’s tradition jewellery:

Heavy Necklace (Haar)


Earrings (Jhumka)


Nose Pin or Ring ( Nath)


Bracelet (Hathphool)


Forhead Jewellery (Mang tikka)


Forhead Jewellery (Matta Patti)


Hair Jewellery (Jhumar)


Hair Jewellery (Jada)

The Jada is specially use by South Indian Brides as their hair accessories.

Armlet (Bajuband)

Both Indian Maharashtrian bride and South Indian brides wear it as arm ornament.

Glass Bangles (Kanch ki chhriya or Lakh ki)


Rings (Anguthi)


Anklet (Payal)


Waist belt and Hip chain (Kamar Band Aur Vadawan)

These also worn by South Indian brides.

Bangel (Kada)


Photo Source: Pinterest (https://pin.it/vpyycfmiujtoxd)

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Wow! wow! I am blown away by all this wonderful jewelry! You know how much I love this girly stuff. They are very very yummy indeed! Do you know that I live in diamond city and we have the largest man made hole by digging for diamonds?

Thank you Philinda for appreciating Indian jewellery so much. Yes, you are right they are really beautiful and you love them too much. I love diamond jewellery specially diamond rings uffff.. I want them like anything. Your country must have beautiful diamonds, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing also about your country. I’m amazed to know that, I feel like coming there see it once. Thank you for your lovely comment.😘

On The Topic 31

Thank you Shanu for your engaging comment, please you should come visit. The nearest diamond mine is right across my street, yum...

Those are really a nice collection of jewelry.
Though the design are so much beautiful but i had to read the post carefully that she can not see the post :D , Otherwise i have to buy them all for her, hard to escape, Hahaha.

Hahaha...Oh! My my who is that beautiful that you are trying hide these stunning jewellery from her? Thanks for the sweet compliment.i appreciate it too much. Stay blessed @aaarif

She is my lovely wife :)

Lol @aaarif, so funny. You must be the type of husband who cannot resist your wife's request right hahahah :D... I know the last one is the most dangerous ROFL :D

Yes! you are right, hahaha. Trying to hide something but if she knows about that then i have to accept her decision, no escape. And the result to argue with a woman is almost equal to zero, so accept without war is a easy solution :D

wooow @shanu
it is the most beautiful jewelry I have ever seen.
if a bride wore some of the jewelry then the bride will look perfect

I’m so happy @ppocut you liked those jewellery. Brides look gorgeous after wearing those stunning jewellery. Jewellery enhance women beauty. No doubt! Thank you for your lovely words. Take care and stay blessed!

Hi Shanu, Greetings from #HHG11! Awesome cultural blog. I read this and glued my eyes to all your traditional accessories. I was like wow wow wow so pretty pretty and pretty too much hahaha. And for this awesome blog, here's my 100% upvote. Keep on posting good stuff. Take care and Stay Blessed! :D

Wow! You loved them so much, I’m really overwhelmed by your compliment, it’s really thrilling and joyous to get compliment from you. Thank you thank you for your valuable upvote. Take care and stay blessed!