Views from the boat: Twilight mood and glowing sunsets

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What I enjoy most about sailing is being outside all the time. Wind, weather, sun and sea - non-stop. Even the nights I spend on deck under the open sky. To fall asleep slightly rocked by the sea and with a view on the starry sky is simply fantastic.

And not to forget the twilight mood and sunsets while being on a boat. Of course, sunsets can be wonderful on land, too. Most of the time, however, you choose a certain point to enjoy it for a rather short moment. At sea, however, one feels almost embedded in the atmosphere and is exposed to it much longer, from the first golden colouring of the afternoon until the first stars light up. Every day anew, at least when the weather allows for it.

Here is a small compilation for you, covering the different stages, from golden afternoon to the last rays of sunshine:










Thanks for watching and 'til next time!


All photos were recorded by myself with a Canon EOS 7D. All rights reserved.

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Thank you @shaka.

These are lovely photographs in a timeline as it were.

Appreciated reading your thoughts on sailing.

All the best to you.



Thank you @bleujay, all the best to you, too!

Gosh! Your photos are very good, they convey all your moods and the waters too.

Lucky you to be sailing there!
What a life in bliss and blessings!


What a life in bliss and blessings!

Well, I can manage to do this about once in three years. We are a group of 8-10 friends with two of them being skippers and together we are renting a yacht for 5-7 days. Per person and week it costs about half the prize of a ticket for a mainstream cruise liner (on which no wild horses could drag me). And we eat pasta the whole week ;)
So yes, it is a wonderful experience yet not that costly as one might think (at least if you rent as a large enough group including a friend who is skipper).



a week of pasta, for such an adventure... hell yes. where do i sign up?


Wow! This is such as good idea, everyone can enjoy an ideal holiday. Luckily you have got a skipper friend, very handy!
Pasta is delicious and give lots of energy for swimming all day in the sea.
It is not easy to get several people to be available for a holiday at the same time. That requires lots of planning and coordination.

Thank you for giving me the tip on how to have this kind of holiday at a very reasonable cost. You are very blessed to have several good friends.

Best wishes.

Fantasy up taking photographs - I wonder when people on sailing boats started to dart into the open. I myself would be a cowered sailor. I would only sail along the coast line to explore the foreign. Actually, I would like to do that indeed. Without an engine only taking the winds force. ... Then I would not only need a skipper but also some kind of black beard:)

Watching sunset from the deck of the boat and glass of wine in the hand.. mmm sound like a dreamy summer evening:)

I wish I could enjoy all those things you write about above but I am usually terribly sea sick on any boat :D :( Still, I love watching the boats anchored in the harbor, especially during the sunset, just like you captured that in the 7th shot. That is a breathtaking scene @shaka. Reminds me of an image I took on the Greek island of Zakynthos some years ago.


Greek islands are extremely photogenic :)


The radial color gradient is amazing, wonderful shot!

I got sea sick already several times. The first time was just terrible since it came totally unexpected and I had nothing with me to counter it. There was absolutely nothing I could do apart from cowering in the cockpit. Since then I always have these anti-travelsick chewing gums with me when on board. They work quite well for me.


Thank you, it was a very nice and peaceful sunset back on that day :)

So the gums work for you? That´s good. I wish I could say that too but I cannot. So far, none of the medicines, pills and things I have tried to fight the sea sickness have worked... It is funny - I totally love the sea and have been obsessed with it since my childhood but I would be a terrible sailor :D

Have a great day @shaka and enjoy the long-awaited cooling down! ;)


Presne toto rovnaké sa mi vybavilo :) :-*

Actually, if a sunset is beautiful from the mainland, I can not imagine the delicious sensation of being rocked in the arms of that imposing sea, at the same time as feeling the sea breeze, and the experienced freedom must be the maximum, I imagine that are two pleasures one when you are in the place surrounded by so much beauty and two, when you go back to those shots the joy is double, I congratulate you for your excellent work of the various sunsets, and also thank you for sharing your beautiful section of photographs, greetings from a distance. @shaka

@shaka, For sure, whenever people enjoy the water side journeys then for sure the main and beautiful aspect is the wind and wind really touches and welcomes us.

And literally i want to say that you've captured some dancing water view and it's giving the beautiful effect too.

And Sun is saying that explore me and my art and get healed, and in my opinion you've covered all beautiful aspects in this post.

And yes, when night covers the sky then we search for the first twinkling star which gives the decorative essence to the sky.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Nice photography my friend. Sunrise, full day and then sunset. Life cyclegoes in this way. Should we be happy with sunrise and sad with the sunset, or simply should we enjoy every moment of the nature? I think the last option is the best Choice. We should enjoy life no matter what time is this. Happiness is the best thing and your posts always brings happiness for us.

Grat views of sunset and moon.amazing.

Looks so peaceful. Enjoy your time at anchor.

Wow is awesome pictures, I love them... Definitely you are lucky to enjoy such beautiful landscapes.

You always get the best sunset photos!

Seems like the perfect evening for it. I’ve been on a boat for a sunset and I agree that there is something different about it!

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Base the writing about sailing that you explained, I can imagine how much you enjoyed every time there, 've a nice day @shaka

Wow beautiful images, that calm sea and that majestic sky. They are great shots!

I love the sea I enjoy the sun, the water, the wind just like you besides the nights are beautiful although I have not spent one in a boat or boat it must be a unique expereience

Everything looks so beautiful and calm where you can feel it when you see your photos beautiful place and I think there is nothing like the sea

Greetings my friend @shaka

How are you my friend @shaka

A very quiet place full of nature, this is the best thing to see the sunrise and sunset on the beach is the best feeling in the world that fills you with so much energy I could spend my days in that place you show and I really do not it would be annoying to be there is beautiful thank you for sharing these photos

@shaka such a lovely sunset while sailing I am sure are having great fun out there thanks for joining us and showing great moments.

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Shaka is a pleasure to go through here and see so much tranquility in this good photos, with your lens you capture not only beautiful images but also the moment in which you make the viewer to see these images immediately move in your mind to that place, I am from Venezuela and I would like some day to visit a place like this

Beautiful sundowner shots🙏🍀🤗🌊❤️

Water and Amber sky .. A Moment recreated for life time....have a nice time 👍

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Friend shaka how are you? beautiful photos that you see today, calm sea, sunset, radiant sun and some beautiful boats are the perfect combination to want to be in that place
Greetings from Venezuela

Ugh, you really make me want to go sailing, and I just can't right now! Very inspiring, and great photo of the moon!

Da braucht es nicht viele Wörter: Einfach geniale Bilder🤗

Imagine some of those shots as a painting......

Your photographs never cease to amaze me.
Really amazing photographs. I love the last two pictures of the moon.

Great sunset to discover from there excellent professional shots loved the views wow :D

The transformation of the sunset to the cold night is incredible, especially the reflection of the moon in the water just like the sun, mixing the colors of nature is amazing how beautiful it can be

Amazing view and photography :)

An incredibly lovable region. you beautifully choose places to your rest, I love. the dish you have got tasted appears heavenly and mouth-watering. I believe that their look is completely encouraged via the taste further as scrumptious as it's miles lovely. Based on your depiction, it's extremely tasty. exceptionally else, I loved crabs and fish within the closing picture.

nice view from a boat !
maxresdefault (2).jpg

beautiful photography
nice capture

Stunning pic a beautiful sinset.

I have to come back here again to see these photos. It feels like I have seen for the first time, very fresh and new energy comes running through those colours! These photos should be framed on a wall in a quiet corner or room in a house, to be visited from time to time.

Thanks for sharing again.