View of the Allgäu Alps - Recorded from the Nebelhorn's mountain station [2 SBD quiz]

in photography •  4 months ago

Greetings Steemians

With a first set of mountain views I'm reporting back from a three week break in the Allgäu Alps. With a recharged and ventilated mind I'm looking forward to diving deep in the Steemsphere again.

Let's start with a first little quiz: Can you name the highest mountain in the pictures below? The first correct answer will be rewarded with 2 SBD.





Thanks for watching and 'til next time!


All photos were recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S. All rights reserved.

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Thank you for posting @shaka.

Lovely breathtaking photographs.

Interesting turn of phrase....artistic even....with photographs high in the mountains and words picturing diving deep.....hehe

Enjoyed the opportunity to see such lovely scenery.....thank you.

All the best to you and yours.



Thank you @bleujay! Glad to read that these views resonate well with you!

All the best!

Wow da haben wir beide fast das gleiche Motiv Meins halt mit zoom und im Februar aufgenommen



Awesome! Thanks for contributing this shot!




Nice to see @shaka and i have shot the photo from the same Place Nebelhorn!
And my Shot is Februar 2018 and @shaka from the last weeks!
You can see the strong winter and the strong Summer in Germany


The perspective, as it can be seen by the shape of the summit appears to be precisely the same. It seems that we stood at the very same spot :)


Stimmt bitte nicht böse sein - konnte es mir nicht verkneifen ;-)

Is it Hochvogel? BTW, great shot @shaka :)


That's right! How did you find out? Reverse image search or are you familiar with that region?

2 SBD are on their way to your wallet :)


You may say it was a kind of reverse image search, @shaka… through my memory. I love mountains but I have never been to the region. A long ago (could be 40 years or so), a young friend of my father and a member of Mountaineer’s Association “Čelik” (Steel) has brought very similar scenes taken with a Yashica FX, at the time my dream machine. I remember he was mentioning that peak and brought some spectacular photos shot directly into the Sun. He had a lecture in my school on that trip.

I did google reverse image search, of course, but that gave me results that many had already posted, so it didn’t make sense to repeat what others already said, and I decided to pull something out from my memory. You may say it was a lucky guess :)

I think the highest peak in your photos is Marchspitze. It is 2609 mtr high and made of dolomite.


The Marchspitze has indeed a somewhat similar appearance yet is located further to the east towards the Austrian section of the Allgäu Alps. Thanks for participating!

What a beautiful and dramatic landscape.

It's amazing how different they look compared to when you first took photo's of these alps 6 months ago. I was obviously way too slow to compete in the identify the mountain, but beautiful shot's anyway!

Wow, what an exiting view.

three weeks of camping?

i guess it's the - "Großer Krottenkopf" ?

finally you have to talk more about the trip, if its worth. 3 weeks is a long time and in the end you experienced so much i guess.


The Grosser Krottenkopf is the highest peak in the Allgäu Alps, yet not depicted on these photos. Thanks for joining in!

Impressed by the photos, especially because they were taken by the phone, and yet they still look breathtaking! So I guess the beautiful scenery contributed a lot ;)

Personally I love hiking, but I'm not really into anything extreme. Did you have to use any special equipment here (for some difficult route parts if any) or just regular stuff?


It's pretty amazing indeed what phone cameras are able to deliver these days. If light conditions are decent and no zoom required only little compromises have to be made with a good phone cam.

I'm a passionate mountain hiker but prefer "walkable" paths over difficult sections were climbing is required. Making distance motivates me more than climbing summits. So my gear is rather standard, solid boots and hiking poles :)

Der Hochvogel? 😎


Korrekt! Allerdings war einer schneller mit der Antwort...Danke fürs Mitmachen!

May be "Mädelegabel" thank you!


No, the Mädelegabel is close yet not shown in these shots. Thanks for joining in.

Very beautiful photos @shaka
Although I come from the foothills of the Alps, I have no idea of the mountain names.

Just 17 minutes after publication of this post and I am already too late to compete again... Yes, it should be Großer Krottenkopf. Anyway - these are spectacular landscape shots @shaka! Did you hike at the German or Austrian side?


Thank you, these views were taken from the German side.

BTW, the Grosser Krottenkopf wasn't the right answer ;)

A ventilated mind!? That is such a descriptive word @shaka. And, no wonder. WOW. The Alps are magnificent.


They are, indeed! I try to visit the Alps at least once per year.


What a priviledge!

That would probably be the "Großer Krottenkopf"


The Grosser Krottenkopf is the highest peak in the Allgäu Alps, yet not depicted on these photos. Thanks for participating!


Wow surprised there seems to be many ppl that know. I haven't heard of this peak before.

Wow also die Fotos sind wirklich wahnsinnig gut!!
Respekt :)


Danke, das freut mich zu hören!

My guess "Kreuzkarspitze"...(nice captured)


The Kreuzkarspitze is in the Allgäu, too, but not shown in these photos. Thanks for participating!

"Can you name the highest mountain in the pictures below? "

I can't identify it, but sure, I'll gladly name it ;-) I name it:

Tasty Freeze

Es ist so wunderschöön dort!
Ich liebe die Berge. :)


Geht mir ganz ähnlich :)

Geniale Aufnahmen, war mit Sicherheit ein Hammer Urlaub in den Alpen!!!


Danke, es war sehr erholsam :)

Als Mädel von der Küste bin ich nicht so Berg-affin - aber dieses Panorama ist wirklich total schön! Da ist genug Weite drin ;-) Schöner Blick und schöne Fotos!


Küste ist auch toll :)


Oh ja - da dürfen dann auch ein paar Felsen sein ;-)

Even if you do not know about the Alps that you publish today, I admire all the beauty of those cliffs and mountains, all the incredible images, taken in all their splendor for you. The light-dark image is sensational. That well-earned rest was rewarded with such languid beauty of the Alps. Glad to know you back friend @shaka

Ganz schön, Hohes Licht !

Starke Aufnahmen!

Monte Bianco ...


No, Mt. Blanc would would be roughly 2000 meter higher than the one captured in these shots ;)


Großer Krottenkopf^^?!

Wow! Really beautiful photography @shaka (my guess is Bretterspitze)

Your photo shoot is perfect, you do it very carefully and you are also good at directing the camera to focus on the object you are going to photograph. I am amazed by your expertise. Thank you for sharing the beautiful natural scenery.

Breathtakingly gorgeous photo's!

Don't know about the name but that place is stunning for a perfect hiking experience :)

Wow, großartige Fotos. Wir haben zwar eine Hütte bei uns am Berg, ich komme aber leider nur noch selten hinauf - werde demnächst ein paar Bilder posten.

wow amazing nature

muy buenas fotografías, es como estar en tan espectacular paisaje.

Great view

Truly beautiful

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Schöne Aufnahmen - und nett von den Wolken dass sie so dekorativ über den Himmel zogen ;)

Ich war vor Jahren in der Gegend, bin damals von Hinterstein aus auf den Berg. War eine schöne Wanderung.

I don't know much about mountains but what if I can say is that these photos are amazing! The scenery is amazing thanks for sharing with us