Found my dream office...

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I don't come to Basel as often anymore, but when I manage to do so I always feel drawn to the Rhine. This is where life takes place in summer.

A particularly exciting area is the Westquaiinsel in the former industrial Rhine port of Kleinhüningen. I pinned it's location to the Steemitworldmap, so you can easily look it up in the corresponding link in the comment section.

While I was strolling along the Westquai I stumbled into the Beach Bar Sandoase. I was there at around 10 am in the morning and so I was one of the first guests. I fell in love with the place immediately. Beach, coffee, good food and urban vibes - seemd like the perfect office for the independent digital worker.

Unfortunately, I don't have the freedom to spend my working hours here, but hey, one can still dream.

What would your dream office look like? What would it need to offer to let you work with joy and high productivity?

Thanks for watching and 'til next time!


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I think it is amazing to see that “big” cities like Vienna, Linz, Basel, etc. began using their rivers as a place for relaxation in the last years. Water just is a big source of life and therefore should be used for living more often :)


True, water really is a magnet. I hope cities will become more and more a place for the people, not for the cars. Long way to go still.

Very cozy place @shaka :) I would have never guessed it is in Basel. It has some kind of Caribbean / Mediterranean feel.

As for the dream office, I - being a digital nomad - have some of these "digital nomad style" photos too, for example this one from Tenerife:


But to be honest with you guys, I am incomparably much more efficient when working in my apartment as I really need to be focused on my work. Being so close to the sea, nature or noisy people always mean too much distraction for me :) Moreover - there are some other drawbacks such as the limited wifi, battery of your notebook, bad screen visibility on the sun etc. I am sorry if I burst the bubble of what remote working might look like for someone :D But maybe for some people, who are immune to all those factors, working at the beach, by the pool etc. might be just fine :)


I totally agree with you, this kind of open-air office is more a cliché, I admit that. It has it's appeal to many (me included) because it represents independency, mobility and cosmopolitanism. At the end of the day though, the work needs to be done and that usually requires being undistracted in the first place.


Exactly. You will find photos like the one I shared in my first comment on almost every digital nomad´s blog and website but the reality is usually very different. But I must admit that my need of peace and quiet when working is actually quite extreme. For example, while most of my fellow nomads are capable of working in a cafe or a co-working spot, I usually cannot. I better shut myself in my silent room, do the work I need to do and then go out to the beach, on a hike or have some fun with my friends.

It looks like you have your office all to yourself! People all go to the city for a holiday? While my office may not look exactly like that I think water is a given. What is it about a body of water that draws us. I love that expression deep calls to deep. Special place to be @shaka. Work or otherwise

Beautiful beach, good food, nice scenery and a beautiful office-What else one can expect from life! One can enjoy working there. It can be a source of inspiration for writers and bloggers. However, it may have some drawbacks as frequent visiting of people and lots of noise can distract a person. What do you think?


I agree. I can very well imagine that one can find inspiration here yet to get actual work done, the good 'ol office with a door that can be closed is probably the better choice for most.

I would eat, sleep, and work there 7 days a week , what a beauty

OMG I love the scrappy yet cool feel of this beach bar, definitely the dream office

These are breathtaking sights. We don't get much of these views in this part of the world, but hopefully in the nearest future, I'll do a little world tour to have a feeling of some cozy places (that's one of my fantasies though).

Nice photography @shaka


Thank you!

Es zeigt sich einmal mehr, Basel (ebenfalls meine Heimatstadt) ist einfach der Nabel der Welt und im Sommer mit seinem Angebot am Rhein einfach durch nichts zu toppen.

z'Basel am mim Rhy....


Mit lieben Grüssen aus der sonnigen Karibik!
Abenteuer und Reiseberichte aus der Dominikanischen Republik.


Ach cool, das wusste ich gar nicht:) Basel ist wirklich eine ganz tolle Stadt und die Rheinpromenaden sind herrlich im Sommer.


Komme ursprünglich aus Rheinfelden aber habe lange Zeit in Basel gewohnt, von daher nenne ich sie jetzt einfach mal Heimat...

@shaka, Wow, yes, this is the perfect place for the work and what else we want, this can prove one of the best working environment.

And most importantly, when we stay busy in work sometimes burden can overtake us and at that moment if we see some natural essence then we can forget everything.

So, this so natural place and we can explore the nature too, while having an great staying experience here.

Keep up and really appreciative work you have done by sharing this place and in my opinion most of the people will dream this place as their working place.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Wow, amazing beach bar🤘 I wouldn't be working there, just chillin🤗😎


Working while chilling is the art, I guess ;)

This site is charming, meets the conditions for a virtual office. As you well know I am a lover of the seascape with all its elements, and you really got that ideal place, which I think most people dream of combining work and relaxation, very impressive and beautiful pictures of the Sandoase Beach Bar, as I would like to get a place like that to disconnect from the city while I work in steemit, it would be sensational, thanks for that images that take my mind through the network to the maximum enjoyment. A warm greeting for you @shaka

Wow, seems like an amazing place to work indeed!!! Especially in summer ;-) I can imagine that during the wintertime you wouldn’t mind trading it for a similar spot in Hawaï or something ;-)
Anyway: me like! :-)

das sieht ja mal richtig nett aus.....und ich mag möbel aus paletten-
sand-palmen dazu---perfekt--

lg von der feuerelfe


Toll beobachtet, dass mit den Palettenmöbeln:) Die sind mir auch gleich aufgefallen und die tragen sehr zum urbanen Charme des Ortes bei.


moin shaka

ich habe ein upcycling -blick :-)

meine damalige wohnung habe ich so hergerichtet und das hatte was besonderes...
ich liebe solchne schönen anders ..möbel-

tollen tag dir

lg feuerelfe

It does look great! I think a person can be very creative in such wonderful environment!

this is such a desirable and heart fetching place to be at.. very beautiful and in a pollution free environment... you truly said.. dreamy place...

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Das ist ja mal ein richtig nettes "Stückchen" Urlaubsfeeling.

Das sieht ja geil aus.
Karibik in der Schweiz.

This is a very special place! It has a sandy beach by the river or lake. Many hammocks and beach chairs. Incredible atmosphere! I wouldn't be able to work here as I would be eating, drinking and sleeping a lot!

Would it snow in winter there?! Lots of open space too.


There will be lots of snow in winter :)


Don’t forget to take photo of yourself working by the bon fire with malt wine in the snow!! Ha ha ha.

Hi shaka how are you? beautiful photos, the place looks great to relax and have a great time

What a beautiful place for independent digital worker and good for visit as well ,but for those who have free time and freedom.This type of place can last good effect on mind and your work as well ,photography is amazing.

Das wirkt auch deutlich schöner als die großraumbüros ... Viel spaß da :)

Grüße aus dem norden :)

You can work from my home in Florida if I can use your place in Switzerland 😉

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Wow that's a beautiful place for an office.
I wonder how it's like to own a place like this.
Everything you need is there.

amazing photography...the hill looking so beautiful.....i waiting for your next post..

Wow amazing photography and photographs too...i like it, every photo have you captured beautifully with great focus😊

So many great photos

Nice office sir

So beautyful. Thx for this nice pictures.

@shaka everyone can easily fell in love with this place such a wonderful place to visit thanks for great share.

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love your post and your photo so much.. looks so gorgeous there!

What an epic example of architecture! Now I just need about 1 million steem to buy it.

Relaxing there is like a dream come true wow what a spot you have found :D

I like your idea of having an office as "Sandoase ", that is a real paradise, you are on fresh air, hammock, beautiful view and of course you must have a cook to serve you delicious food.It is almost like holiday.

I must smile reading question about dream office, but I just would like to answer with the words of one pathologist from the popular German crime series, who told to his friend " ... Im Gegensatz zu Ihnen kann ich keine Arbeit mit nach Hause nehmen..." He means as pathologist he can't take his work home. I am not a pathologist but I can tell the same in regards to my work too.:)