Discovering the Swabian Jura - Part 6, Inside the Ulm Minster

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Greetings Steemians!

Welcome to the last episode of my travel report about the Swabian Jura. It was a pleasure showing you some of the region's highlights and to receive these many comments from you. Maybe I could even motivate the one or the other of you to visit some of the shown places yourself. If that is the case, don't forget to report back from there!

For those who wish to review my entire tour I added an overview to the end of this post.

Finally, what I wish to show you in the last post of this series are some impressions from the Ulm Minster's interior. I collected these at the last afternoon of my stay.


Right after the entry an enormous Lego replica of the Minster. What a nice surprise for the Lego enthusiast that I am. It took 112’000 bricks and 4 months of two Lego master's working time to build the cathedral at a scale of 1:70. Even the citizens were built true to scale.


The central aisle, 120m long with a breathtaking height of more than 40m. Today, there are seats for 2'000 people. In medieval times however, when it was common to stand during the service, up to 22'000 people crowded together here.


Biblical narrations depicted on beautifully stained glass. The incident light throws luminous dabs of colour on the walling throughout the Minster.




With the visitation of this time-honored monument I concluded my trip to the Swabian Jura. My legs were tired yet content and freshened my mind, after an exciting weekend, filled with lasting impressions. It was time to head back home.

Thanks for following me on this expedition, I'm already looking forward to welcoming you to the next one!


All photos were recorded by myself with an EOS 7D / Tamron 18-270 mm in April, 2018

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Wow! The final part at last! 😢 I can't believe this series is finally coming to an end. I feel so emotional right now. I learnt a lot. I can bet some of the things I learnt might be useful in my history classes . I'm happy that I come by your blog and I will never stop showing up. God bless you @shaka

It was nice to follow travel report from the very first episode up to this last episode. I learnt a lot and if asked, I'd never regret having followed it. From the laces at the entrance to the ancient caves to the golden blue colour of the Blautopf caused by tiny packed limestone particles, I enjoyed every part I favoured. God bless you for sharing this @shaka


Thank you!

These buildings are EPIC!
I always love the amazing colorful stained glass windows!

Looks like you have gone to some really cool places. I am trying to travel a lot this year! 😊


Sounds great, have you decided on your travel destinations already?

Wahnsinn !! Alleine diese Fensterkunst !! Und alles ist soooo riesig....tja, da sieht man mal, wo früher das Geld hingeflossen ist....die armen leute haben gespendet, und das ist damit gemacht worden...

Ist ja bis heute so: Der reichste verein der Welt ist die Kirche ! Ich bin allerdings auch ein Fan dieser ganzen Bauten - aber dahinter verbirgt sich doch auch viel Leid der armen Bevölkerung von früher.

Beste Grüße


Mind blowing architecture! The interior of this building is extremely nice. Also the decoration and a replica built with 'legos' is awesome. Your narrative and photographs made us to think about the place. Nice post!

Hammer Bilder von der Kirche🤘 Die wussten schon dazumal wie man geniale Gebäude baut👍 Und das Alles ohne die Technick die wir heutzutage haben. Da kann man nur Respekt sagen👌🤗

This series has made me come to love and appreciate your writing style. How you tie it up with these HD pictures is even more amazing. It warms my heart. I'm glad I could read it till the very end. I love you @shaka; very much. What next do you have for us to read?

My dream in life has always been to be well-travelled. I must visit this Swabian Jura someday. God will bless you @shaka for stirring my curiosityabout this area of historical interest

Wirklich schöne Bilder und auch sehr informativ geschrieben , fast schon wie ein kleiner Reiseführer. Eine wirklich tolle Arbeit.


Danke, es freut mich, das zu hören!

Sehr beeindruckend wie die Gläser genau wurden. Die Farben und die Größe. Das war bestimmt ordentlich aufwendig solche Fenstergläser zu machen. In Ulm, um Ulm und um Ulm herum ;-) @shaka

Beautiful architecture.
I always wonder how humans are able to create such incredible buildings like churches.


That's what is fascinating me most, too!

making the lego replica must have been time consuming
that's a lot of pieces!

I always love church glasses .. dunno why
it's the color and the light
I barely take notice of the what's on it
I just love it when the sunlight goes through them ^ ^
beautiful shots!

I hope you're home safe and sound!

The architectural design of all the pictures taken are breathtaking @shaka. And your camera did justice to all. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of Swabian Alps. Safe trip back.


Thank you!


Good pictures. You are welcome

A truly impressive building! Thank you for taking the photographs.

I have been there in June 2017. By the way, were these guys from the choir still in conversation? ... ;-)



You're welcome! What a pity, I missed these guys. Is the topic of their conversations known?

Here is another find of which I wasn't aware of at the time of my visit. Otherwise I would have tried to capture it myself. Really fascinating:

Petrus trägt Brille


Very interesting, each of these old churches is a treasure of so many things which one usually is not able to see at first sight. Actually I did not manage to get any information about the topics they discussed, but these guys are the result of amazing carving art. That is the reason why I put them in a comment here.

A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing Valuable post.

I value your post.Those recolored glass windows are astounding! Its extremely specific that they chose to have a lego reproduction of the minster inside the minster, you ordinarily discover copies of structures in different spots not inside the building you are duplicating.
All the best ....@resteemit this post.


Now that you say it, I wonder whether the Lego replica contained another, 70times smaller replica within. Only then it would be accurate ;)

· Rights.I value your Every post.
Thank you:: @shaka

Of all these 6 parts I liked the number 4 The Blue Pot where you show us those amazing and beautiful lakes or wells that are in that place, I was in love also learned why the color of water that is certainly a show of colors, I really want to go there I think it's worth it, but the whole trip was very good, thanks for this wonderful tour @shaka
Rest well, you deserve it after so much effort you really gave us content of very good quality, Thank you!


Thank you!

I have smoothly digested every part of this travel report right from the very first episode and I can proudly say that my life has not remained the same. You've changed my life by taking me to a place I've never been before. My body is in Nigeria but you took my soul to thr Swabian Jura. I appreciate you. My God will bless you @shaka

Hello @shaka, I looked forward to your publication. This is the last ?, what a sad, but good at least with this last one you make me happy the day with these wonderful and beautiful photographs. Undoubtedly your adventure and your days by Jura de Suabia was impressive, all the captures you could do during that time were totally spectacular and clean, enjoy the 6 parts of your adventure and to be honest I think they are the most beautiful photos I've seen, I've never seen that place and I'm glad that thanks to you I got to know a bit about Swabian Jura, I can not say that I only knew the place for your photos because I also researched more on the internet about this spectacular place, this is a place that I would visit without thinking. Thanks for this part 6, you close your adventure with a flourish. Greetings from Venezuela.


Thanks a lot @alejo1996! I'm happy to read that you enjoyed my photos so much. Greetings and all the best!


Oh, of course if all my friends enjoy it, as I told you, the 6 parts were spectacular, well taken photos and in the perfect places that inspire us to see them. Thanks to you for the support. Hope you have an excellent day.

Great pictures - I am living just an hour away but used Ulm always to pass via motorway. Never stayed there or was sightseeing the minster.
This and the other post (pictures outside) motivated me to plan a short trip to do so - thx for highlighting.


Same here, drove by countless times yet never actually visited Ulm. I can really recommend checking it out. I was more than surprised about what Ulm has to offer.

I was about to say that the replicas were looking like lego ones... Then I read they were! I am so amazed by everything one may do with lego! (I really love them too.)


Indeed, it's fascinating. A couple of years ago I had the chance to visit the original Legoland in Denmark, Billund. So if you love Lego (and maybe, if other family members do so, too) then I can highly recommend going there. It was the best experience I ever had in a theme park.


That is definitely on the list, but we will wait a bit for all children to be big enough. Denmark is not too far, but not that close as well :)

Das Ulmer Münster ist nicht nur von außen, sondern auch von innen ein imposanter Bau!
Nun bin natürlich gespannt, ob ich das futuristische Ulmer Stadthaus auch in einem Beitrag von innen zu sehen bekommen werde. Ob es mich von innen so beeindrucken würde wie von außen?

Ein weiterer schöner Teil der Serie aus der Reihe "Swabian Jura".


Nein, für die Besichtigung des Stadthauses hat mir leider die Zeit gefehlt, das wäre natürlich noch was gewesen. Das muss ich auf meinen nächsten Besuch in Ulm legen :)


Also mich würe es natürlich interessieren! Zumal sich meine noch vorhandenen Erinnerungen duch Deine Bilder und und unsere Unterhaltung hier noch manifestiert haben... ;-) :-)

Puh, ich persönlich stehe nicht auf Kirchen, aber die Bleiglasfenster sind meist imposant. Oder verstörend, so wie dieses:


Extrem viel Rot und Tod... Verrückt.


Es geht mir nicht unähnlich und ich bin dann auch gerne wieder draussen am Licht.


So ists es ;)

Amazing photos as always! I'm also huge Canon fan and a proud owner of EOS 600D, with 18-55 mm and 50 mm Prime lenses.


Thank you! I'm more than happy with my Canon, too. The only thing I'm sometimes missing is a rotatable display, which your 600D has. This makes it much more feasible to play with unusual angles.

Its been a good series of travel blog..!!!

The best thing is that, u took the photos with care and processed them nicely before putting in the blog... Thats a pro job, man..!

The stained glasses are making the place feel like magical..!

A great amount of detailed artwork is s there in every glass... So pleasing to see..!

Anyways, good day..!

~ Tennis Girl 🎾🎾


Indeed, quite some work went into processing these images. Thanks for appreciating that!


best regards to u..! :)

That place is beautiful and the lego replica is just awesome, I would love to have something like that in my living room.


oh yeah, me too!

The stain glass art is incredible! My favorite cathedral that I have visited is Sagrad La Familia! 😊


The Sagrad La Familia is still on my list, hopefully I can make it there soon. Must be amazing. My favorite so far is the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma. If you can ever make it there you need to visit it in the early morning, when the sun inclines through the large stained rose window in the eastern wall. It's breathtaking.


Awwww! That does sound amazing. When I travel, I usually wake up early so I can make the most out of my days! So much to see, thanks for the tips! ❤️

Sure Legos are cool, hehe, but the painted glass. Wow. That always amazed me most in churches. Absolute art. It just blows me away how a story can be told in such an interesting format. I could probably stare at them for a full day, grab something to eat, drink some coke, and just get back at staring. :D


Absolutely, even though it wouldn't take long until someone would approach you and asking you to stop with the eating and drinking :P. But yeah, I absolutely share your excitement about the stained glass. So much details to be discovered.


I'm sorry that is the final part, it was nice to follow your travel report. I love the colors of the windows, they have an interesting design. I want to travel more this year. :D
Best wishes, @shaka!

Inside the Ulm Minster, this is a magnificent building, so tall and very beautiful colourful and adorable to behold. Thanks for sharing this with us and great first class photography too. Wish you more success and fun in your future travels @shaka.

The architecture is mind blowing! And i look forward to following you to the next expeditions, the Ulm Minsters interior is exquisite, you finished it with good excellent photography

wow ,,, the photos you present are very interesting and amazing from start the first journey part 1 to part 6 hopefully this post to be special and I am very inspired from the results of your tour in the final episode in swabian jura thanks you @shaka

I loved the replica of the cathedral in legos they did a good job, I love the legos, it's an incredible place full of architecture, I look forward to your next trip I hope you can rest those legs @shaka

I would love to be on that place someday
Great images .. it look hugee
best regards @shaka

Nice travel man and nice photographic skills @shaka
We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey...

I see that you arrived at the end of this route, very well done I follow it from number 1 and let me tell you that Swabian Jura seems an incredible place if I did not visit it at least I knew small parts of this place thanks to you, the photographs and that you told us a bit about the story @shaka

These images are breathtaking, feels like i am present live.

This is outstanding photography just mind blowing..
I appreciate your post..actually you are great one in this steemit..
I am always follow your post..
Cause I like your post always..
And your every post is mind blowing ..
Thanks for sharing your valuable post..
My support will for your every .
I wish you overcome in this steemit by your post.
Carry on your activity ..
Best of luck..
and resteemit done..

Ich glaub so große und detaillierte Sachen oder Orte in Lego nachzubauen können auch nur Autisten.
Muss zugeben das ich es persönlich manchmal gruselig in Kirchen finde, vor allem wenn sie dunkele Ecken haben. :S

Friend I love your trips, I hope someday to visit Swabian Jura, Thanks for allowing me to travel cybernetically.. Regards, Until the next adventure!


Thanks, so see you next time :)

An extraordinary replica ... I would have seen it at least 1 hour, it is a work of art!


It is indeed. I was a bit running out of time, otherwise I would also have spent more time capturing details of the replics.

hey i hope you like the travel you can come pakistan it is very beautiful and peace full country and you can discover many thing from here....

Interessante Post

These photographs are show it is an antic setting there. They tell lot of stories about the Biblical times. Thank you for sharing this information about Swabian Jura.

Geile Ecke Deutschlands... scheint definitiv eine Reise wert zu sein.

Magnificent shots from the inside wow i can feel the awesomeness :)

Wow is a beautiful house, where it is @shaka brother, great, royal house.

Stunning and spectacular i would say @shaka this is very interesting post i have seen today wow

Beautiful photography& also great travel

wow beautiful traveling place photography i like this thanks for shareing

It's a very grand building. The director is incredible. This last series is a very impressive cover with excellent photo results.

Amazing!!!!!!!!! The architecture is mind blowing and how the simplicity of these images can be attractive for everyone including myself. Great job my friend.
have a nice day.
upvoted and resteem

Lovely images. Very impressive

Ancient architecture has a kind of a different charm to it.
You just have to admire it. I have always been fascinated by this

Finally, what I wish to show you in the last post of this series are some impressions from the Ulm Minster's interior. I collected these at the last afternoon of my stay.

Very beautiful and awesome interior of Ulm Minster's interior . I am very grateful to enjoy this beauty from your hands.

wonderful my friend

Dear @shaka,

The building looks traditional. I must say about these windows. The arts and the style is so attractive. Travelling is always good for us. I thank you for sharing such an educative post. Keep travelling and share more. Go on dear. Many many best wishes for you.

It really looks amazing.

Wow that extraordinary adventure ... I like your pictures!

the colors and the architecture look amazing and Wonderful history Swabian Jura in the architecture has its own importance and value.It's a very inspirable and heart touchy article.

Wow !!
Traditional and fabulous photography...@shaka.. I am your new followers.. I read your blog entries happily. Thank you for everything..

Those stained glass windows are amazing! Its really particular that they decided to have a lego replica of the minster inside the minster, you usually find replicas of buildings in other places not inside the building you are replicating. :-P

You are lucky to visit such a wonderful place. This place must be historical.
It's great to visit such a wonderful place.
Nice post with very awesome pictures.

great one photography @shaka
must appreciated,great thinking
keep it up

I've just wanted to ask you when we will see the photos from the tank museum... But it's in Munster, not Minster, my mistake.

Thank you for the photos and thank you Canon for the perfect colours.
(*someone in the Canon's R&D has sold its soul to Devil for that knowledge... Regret nothing! It was a great deal)

Incredible work, congratulations @shaka

Woooo beautiful stained glass windows I would love to be able to appreciate them up close. Very good photos. Greetings from Venezuela....

Cool trip you made! Came to late accross to follow this from the beginning and now it’s already ended. But lucky for me I could read everything at once😎

Already got some plans for a new trip?