Crypto is not the only asset class that can crash...

in photography •  6 months ago

...Yachts can too.

Fortunately, it didn't happen in this situation, when we were cruising along the cliffs of Bonifacio. From our point of view, it seemed damned close though.

This massive motor yacht came upwind, with considerable speed.

They came downwind, with the foresail still up but under engine, too.

Look at the shadow that the motor yacht casts on the bow of the sailing yacht. It was definitely closer than it should have been.

A bit closer.


Being on a cruise is something wonderful. But not matter how much the crew enjoys it's time on board, as soon as the ship moves, someone has to be on the look-out, every moment.

Thanks for watching and 'til next time!


All photos were recorded by myself with a Canon EOS 7D. All rights reserved.

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Now this is a very close call. It may sound silly but I am actually quite scared of all these high-speed boats, jet skis etc., especially when snorkelling. Getting hit by them when exploring the underwater life is one of my worst sea-related nightmares.


I feel the same way. My personal nightmare when it comes to snorkelling though is to inhale a bee or a wasp. I assume it is an extremely unlikely event but it once came to my mind and it never left me.


Man, you almost managed to get another terrifying snorkelling nightmare in my head as the idea of a wasp or bee buzzing in my snorkel (and then my mouth) is beyond disturbing but then, I realized I have never seen this kind of insect around the coast, let alone above the water surface so I think we do not need to worry about that too much ;) But unfortunately, snorkellers getting hit by jet-skis do occur and with the traffic around the coasts constantly increasing, we should be really careful...


I guess it could happen at lakes (which can be fun for snorkelling, too). But true, it's this kind of irrational fears that somehow tend to stick no matter what the odds are. Being hit by a jet-ski, a motor boat or even by a surver is much more of a real concern.


yesterday I saw a series where a doctor found a little "tree" in the lungs of a patient. It was an inhaled seedling and grew in the human body just so.
Don't know if that could be true, but I found it hilarious. Because, it did not happen to me and because I thought of it as a hoax. But maybe ...

Close call. Which boat was at fault in your opinion? Does the small or big get the right of way?


First rule that applies here is that motor ships give way to all other participants. What make it a bit less clear-cut here ist that also the sailing yacht was running under engine. However, since the foresail was still up, the motor yacht should have evaded more clearly to starboard. Nevertheless, it's never good to insist and so the sailing yacht should have evaded a few degrees to starboard too.


Wrong, as you say the yacht was motoring it means they were both under power, so all they had to do is pass port to port at a safe distance.

If the yacht was also under power then they should be showing a cone which lets other vessels know that they are under power, in reality most yachts don't do this though.

Read the col regs.



@dhimmel motor ships were on the wrong way. He should have to give way to other ships.

Wow, thats looks very close ... does the boats got no widerange scanner on board to determine where some subjects are on the water/ under water ?



Grössere Yachten sind auch mit Radar ausgestattet, in solchen Situationen fährt man aber immer auf Sicht.

I can not decide what caught up with me if yacht or cliffs.. Just awesome shots:)

Following you, loving your posts. You seem to live in an awesome place.

Oh that would be horrible if they actually crashed! How long are you on your cruise?


I'm already back since long. It was one week in 2017 :) Keep enjoying your time in Europe!


heheh #THT :) Thank you! I'm in Paris now!

@shaka, For sure, sometimes we see some events or an event just stopped to be happen, and mainly we see the disastrous situations sometimes in water for sure.

And yes, sometimes we can relate one aspect with other and this means, sometimes we tend to mix one experience in other as you highlighted Crypto.

And at this moment Crypto Sphere facing the crisis but most importantly we have to understand one thing and that is, we have exciting stuff ahead and have to keep the patience.

And the most important aspect is Hardfork 20 specially for the Steem Economy, and slowly in my opinion we are moving towards the SMT Economy too.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

It was a narrow escape! Yes, everything can crash and may shatter out of the collision. Cryptocurrencies are not exception. However, chances of crashing of cryptocurrencies are higher in comparison to the tradition money which we call fiats. It happens because so far cryptocurrencies are being used just for the purpose of making more fiats. Their real life applications are very few. Till now pump and dump schemes are working. Rich are getting richer and poor are losing their hard earned money in a hope to be rich. This situation needs to be changed.

Ich glaube zu wissen, wie sich der Steuermann der Yacht auf deutschen Autobahnen verhalten würde.... ;-)

Ein Erlebnis, auf das man gut und gern für sich selbst auf einem der Boote verzichten kann 😅

Nicht gut...
Wer rücksichtslos rumbrettert, eignet sich nicht für den öffentlichen Raum...

just my 2 cents.

P.S.: Schöne Fotos übrigens... :-)

Die Menschen auf dem Boot sehen auch schon sehr...angespannt aus. Zum Glück geht es allen gut!


Ich hab' mir die dann nachträglich im Zoom auch noch so gut wie möglich betrachtet. Entweder sie hatten klar gesehen, dass da noch gut Luft ist, oder sie waren bereits ansatzweise paralysiert. Für uns sah es jedenfalls verdammt eng aus...


Also selbst wenn sie es klar gesehen haben, dass noch Luft ist, ich währe in der Situation trotzdem total angespannt bzw. geschockt! Umso erleichter waren sie bestimmt im nachhinein.

wonderful post.

That was really a close one. Glad it did not happen, otherwise you would have some uggly accident photos you could publish here!

Wow It seems that the boats were going to collide with how close they were! Less bad nothing happened but really the other is huge, also looks great would be incredible to take a walk in the thanks for sharing these pictures :D

Fortunately nothing bad happened to you.One should always be alert while travelling in this situation. Were the persons on boat not alert when they were sailing near to your yacht?

lol, everything can crash 😄 Murphy's law for crypto enthusiasts

Very dramatic and nerves’ racking situation!
Beautiful rock face and bright blue sea!

What a day to sail and experience a close encounter!


Oh mein Gott, das sieht aber sehr knapp aus😳 Da haben beide wohl Glück gehabt😉

Shaka how are you? they had a moment of those where you do not know what's going to happen, thank goodness nothing happened and they had a moment of an emotion to the maximum

your photos as always excellent!

wow....was für hammer fotos....das arme kleine ihren menschen drauf...diese angst,wenn ein großes boot droht dich zu überrollen....

manchmal sieht es halt anders aus,als wie es dann tatsächlich ist.....glück gehabt....

aufatmen und weiter schippern....

lg feuerelfe

Hello good friend, that if it is an unrepeatable adventure, I imagine that the adrenaline must overflow in our body, I think that I am going the saint to heaven, and still had the tenacity to take those spectacular shots, and taken With a lot of skill to make them look so natural, I congratulate you for your courage, not in vain is my favorite photographer, greetings friend @shaka

watch out the sea!
said the sailor's man
and still
watching out
was sad

I was so far to understand the meaning of the title.

@shaka great post you have shared i like it, Your Canon EOS 7D has very good result.

Are anyone harm there.Keep safe from dangerous things.God bless all.
Thanks for sharing @shaka.

very good

Can't believe some hasn't called you out yet on this "event"

The photo order doesn't make sense in any way and actually suggests that the boats were, in my view, 150ft+ apart.

Photo number 2 is in the wrong place, it actually looks like it should be at the end of the photo sequence, ie after the big gin palace/stinkboat has passed.

You can see the disturbed white water from where the large boat passed, you can also see that the wake of the boat has reduced a good amount so again shows a good distance between the boats, all you are seeing is an optical illusion.

As for right of way, Col Regs say that power give way to sail, but you say that the sail boat was also under power, which seems strange due to the wind strength, it is totally strong enough for the boat not to be using an engine, plus the bow wave in my view matches what should be happening in that wind with just a jib/genoa out, the only reason I can see why they would have the engine on is to charge the batteries, but as you say this is at Bonifacio, then i'm guessing they would have come from a marina and thus connected to shore power and thus the batteries would have been fully charged over night........BUT if they were using the engine for power as well (no reason to in that wind) they should be indicating it by the way of a hoisted marker that they are also under power and thus power does not give way to sail, but Col Regs state that boats should pass PORT to PORT which is what they have done.

Totally pointless post about a non event that is just an optical illusion and a set of out of order pictures


beautiful photography

Crazy close - no excuse.

watching that with scrolling down was like real fun for readers like me interesting post :D