Woke Up To This

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It snowed last night. It snowed a lot last night! I slept in a bit and this is what was waiting there for me when I finally got up.


My snowblower is out on my deck, under all that snow.


That look when you know your are in for a long day of snow removal.


Yup, that's our cars in the driveway.


I am super fortunate to have a snowblower so I don't have to shovel all this. But... A bolt on one of the tread wheels broke and somehow I did not have a replacement. I have many replacement bolts for other areas on the snowblower, but not that one... So I tried using threaded bolts that were not intended for that kind of force, three different bolts broke when I tried to go forward. Finally, I used an allen wrench where the missing bolt was, I bent the allen wrench, and it stayed in place and worked for the rest of the snow removal.


Almost done with the driveway! Just got to clear the snow off the cars.


Once I finished with the driveway, I had to clear a path to my office door. Yup, it was waist deep snow. It's hard to get the snowblower in the backyard so I just packed down a path by walking to my office and back many times.


Success! Finished the office path, time to call it a day. I spent about 5 hours total on snow removal including the repair and driving to the gas station to get more fuel for the snowblower. Tough day but my actifit count is over 17,000!

I hope you all had a fun day out there!



Oh wow @scottshots! That is a lot of white stuff! :-)
Might need a flame thrower 🔥 lol

Digital !BEER cheer!

It was a lot of it indeed! A flame thrower would have been nice today. A couple days ago, the yard was mostly clear of snow. Cheers!

Wow bro where you at?

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Truckee, near Lake Tahoe.

That is a crazy amount of snow! In Estonia, we have had a pretty sad winter(from my point of view). We only had one occasion when the snow was deeper than 10CM this winter, otherwise, it has been black like 95% of the season.

Also, stay safe from the virus! I hope there is not too much circulating in your area. In Estonia, it's pretty bad already.

And another couple feet of snow today... We were having a very dry winter, most of the snow in my yard had melted. But it's back, big time. I hope you get some snow soon, and I hope I get a break from it soon, lol.

Stay safe too! It's not bad in my area but we are only three hours away from San Francisco, California. They have some confirmed cases and they like to travel to Tahoe for the skiing. But, the ski resorts recently shut down, when I went into town today is seemed like a ton of drivers were trying to leave town, the freeway was backed up (but it was snowing and that usually slows down the freeway quite a bit). Anyway, not too crazy yet. Take care!

Wow that is a lot of beautiful snow.

It is indeed! And a couple more feet today.

Hey @scottshots, here is a little bit of BEER from @shasta for you. Enjoy it!

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It wasn't really that cold. I had proper clothing but the work is what really kept me warm.

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