Day 7 Part 2 Seven Days of Black and White

in #photography5 years ago

Last but certainly not least my final post of the challenge.

I didn't want to end with just one image, so I decided to tell a visual story.

Alabaster Nudibranch-1.jpg

Brittle Sea star-1.jpg

Decorated Warbonnet-1.jpg

Kelp Forest-1.jpg

Free Diving-1.jpg

I hoped you've enjoyed my seven days of black and white, and thank you for taking the time to read and vote.


I'll be returning to full colour soon but for now -


Amazing pictures

@Scottdphoto Your photography breathes fire and brimstone of awesomeness. At some point, people seem to appreciate color more than black and white but these post is amazing.

Part of me wants to know if they are actual pictures or paintings because they look more alike and very brilliant. And, the fact that, its about nature makes it wow!

I just got to eat from your photography pot and I am scraping the leftover because I got to know about the challenge when its ending. I can agree your previous challenge was a bomb already and I am loving it.

Cannot wait for an awesome, full blown color photography challenge.

Great and mouthwatering post from @Scottdphoto

Wow, Nice post. @dorotea

This is some really good work. You nailed it!

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really nice pics, followed you

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