The Forces of Nature - a Reflection 2019 09 05

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Fantasy # 01

The Forces of Nature

Hi all Nature lover!
Today's images are a reflection of nature and its magical powers.

Hej alla Natur älskare!
Dagens bilder är en reflektion över naturen och dess magiska krafter.

Fantasy # 02

Fantasy # 03

Reflection # 01

Reflection # 02

Reflection # 03
Text and photo Morgan Carlsson @scc664


If you like fractals, you can also visit these addresses; @see5staar and @rndness222


An interesting radio program broadcast in Swedish (radio P2), is Rendezvous with Kristjan Saag. Friday's theme was, Finally Summer - Summer Edition, Rendezvous Remix.

Movies and Pictures

If you are interested in movies, you can visit this blogs and and are you interested in successful women are also featured on this blog
You can see advanced Photoshop exercises here @ykdesign and interesting digital art here @lucydyer
Digital imaging in Swedish. Here you can learn the basics. Available on Moderskeppet

Literature - Movies and Music

Are you interested in literature, music and movies, the Magazine Fritänkaren. You can read it here, try this address;
and his complete poems October Harvest. You can buy it here;
Christian 2006bcd.jpg
Owner /editor and responsible publisher Magnus Christian Aurelio Lanciai to the Magazine Fritänkaren.

Thanks For Watching!

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Congratulations @scc664, Keep up the great work!

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