Nature in My Captures:-03 | My Golden Hour Photographs.

in #photography5 years ago

The beauty of the nature always attract me.
God really made our mother nature so beautiful.
Mostly the scene of sunset I think. Because, in my eyes, that moment is the best scene.
Looks like a golden light is coming by passing the darkness. And the scene becomes more and more beautiful when the golden light of the sun comes through the white clouds.

Sunset View in My Village

The view of the sunset in my village is really wonderful. My village is near a river named Gomti. There is a river dam also. If you just stand at the top of the dam, you will be able to get the real feeling of watching the sky and the sunset. Every time I see that scenery it makes me feel like I'm standing in front of a Ocean and enjoying the sunset.

What Makes The Scenery So Special?

As you will stand at the top of the dam, you will be high enough to see the sunset and the tall trees cannot disturb you. Also there is a lot of water at the downside of the dam, the golden light of the sun reflects at the water and makes the nature so beautiful.

I've captured these photos using my mobile phone Xiaomi Ridmi 5 at my home village.


Nice caption

nice photo of the sunset, looks really colorful :)

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read my post brother. 😍

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