Amazing Landscapes #Bali, Indonesia

in photography •  16 days ago


Evening ladies and gentlemen or should I say good afternoon 😊

What happens in the temple, stays in the temple 😐

It almost happened to me literally, getting lost and staying there forever anyway this is one of the many canals next in the domain 💧

Good thing there were no monkeys 🐒🐒🙈 or my story would have gotten a nice twist😂 hahaha. Talking about monkeys, do you remember the tall structures from the 🐒🌳🌳🌳? You can see them here as well, this time not with monkeys but with dragonflies😱

In my opinion bugs bugs on Bali are way larger than in Europe , so comforting 😅can you spot the dragonfly?


I'm missing my leading lines shots!

But don't worry I'm working on a serie with my best shots 😌.

Anyway this is one of the canals you see around the structures. I must say I love how beautiful the garden was! 😍

After this shot I lost my way and started to wander around 😂😂. So please let me stay a bit long 😌🌴

Thanks for reading and take care of yourself!


Photos recorded by myself with an Canon EOS 6D Mark II. All rights reserved.


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Was there last May. Amazing place at affordable price.

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