the Amanita muscaria is a special one - many years ago one would find it on each and every Christmas or New Years Greeting Card - how many in the audience remember greeting cards lol in a way the red and white and the overall meaning of the Amanita muscaria lead to creating Santa Claus in red and white... long story ;-) upvoted, resteemed and following

Thank you so much ... I agree is the mushroom of the stories!

Beautiful shots. Just like the mushrooms in fairytales. They are so pretty and enticing....but then beauty often is deadly.

Many thanks

Hello, Nice shots, i love it !

Many thanks

Great pictures as always.

Thanks a lot.

Thankfully this beautiful mushroom counts as poisonous. So people leave them where they are and more people can enjoy the sight at this pretty redhead with its funny dots! 🍄

I agree ... it's so nice to see the mushrooms in the woods ..

Gorgeous pics!
In Ontario we only have Amanita muscaria var. guessowii (the yellow-orange variety), instead of the red A. muscaria var. flavivolvata. Which is too bad, because I really like the red variety more. It's definitely more photogenic.
I just started taking pictures of the mushrooms I find on my forays and it's way more fun now, Im not really good at taking photos though.
What camera and lense did you use?
Resteemed and upvoted to spread the mushroom love!

Thanks a lot! It is still early, and the Amanite Muscarie are in November. I use Nikon D3200 , Sigma 105

Fungi are so odd! I love this one. I recently was in Maine and found a bunch of species that I'd never seen before. I'll have to upload a few of my own - thanks for sharing @sardrt :)

~ Kevin

Thanks to you for your attention @halcyondaze .I agree, mushrooms are a constant challenge ...

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Great shots my friend Up&Resteem

Many thanks

You are welcome my friend

That shot with the eucalyptus is especially lovely, I almost expect to see a little gnome leaning against the stem taking shelter from a coming rain.

You live in one of the places I've dreamed of visiting my entire life. Lucky!
One of these days I'll get there. I hope it's during mushroom season. Thanks for sharing little bits of your corner of the world. :)

Many thanks. Sardinia is waiting for you

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Wonderful shots. They always remind me of the typical fairy tale mushrooms :-)

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Awesome my dear friend Up&Resteem

Thank you so much!

My pleasure dear friend

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