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Location: England | London

~ St.Paul’s ~

I used to work in Farringdon for AKQA, an advertising agency. They had a super posh office, based in a trendy area of London (for media types at least). It was intense sometimes, I worked a lot of hours and I put my everything into it even though I wasn’t a fan of this life - being in an office. Sure there were good points but it wasn't an environment I felt comfortable in, I’ve always worked in manual jobs, had more freedom and most importantly been outside!

I left school at 16, I remember the age-old father/son 'motivational talk', he pointed towards a guy spinning a stop/go sign and said “that’ll be you” as he remonstrated about my behaviour and life choices one day. Either he wanted to make a point (and succeeded) or he was mad, but as a kid you don’t interpret it the same. You either listen to that and resign to the fact you’re a fuck up or you strive to prove him wrong. I remember thinking that maybe I’d LIKE to do that job anyway. Anyway, some 10 years later I was a Project Manager for the Rolls Royce account. Not bad eh Dad!

Even though it wasn't my favourite job, I remember taking the time to remind myself I was fortunate. In hindsight it always feels like you could be more appreciative for what you have.

Humans are only as fortunate or as lucky as their situation allows...

Thanks to @juliank for this weekly contest!

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I love that you took this with an iPhone. I'm a gear nut, so it's fun to see when people who know what they're doing using a piece of gear that almost everyone owns.

Also, I've added your post to today's Top 5 Photos of Steemit. :D

I love photos with stories behind! Thanks for sharing!

Good photograph, truly inspiring. Me too as an engineer when got the feeling of being bored starts to explore the area around me in my canon 600D. Yes it's not necessary for one to finish his so called schooling, graduation to reach over the top, if you have a positive attitude on everything and anything you do, ' you can reach your goal with flying colors'. Even sometimes other's words or books can inspire you. The 2 books which inspired my life is ' The secret' by Rhonda Byrne and ' The monk who sold his ferrari' by Shiv Kera.

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Beautiful picture!

St Pauls cathedral is an amazing building. :d

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This shot has navigated right into my heart.nice one!

Like the shot, London is so rich for architecture photography.

I get your sentiment, make the best of everything:)

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