Jungle Daily - Dry enough for a stroll to the beach.🌴

in photography •  4 months ago

The weather was sunny this morning and perfect for a walk. The river looked so beautiful as I crosssed the bridge.


I love the trees along the beach front. Such a beautiful scene always.


It was nice to find the horses wandering on the beach.


There is always so much animal life everywhere. You never have to look far for some wildlife!



I ran into a friend who had an orphaned baby squirrel with him. It was very sweet and very clingy like it had totally adopted him as its mummy.



There are always a bunch of happy dogs playing around on the beach. They hang out in groups a lot and follow surfers into the water looking like they might paddle out too. It’s lovely to see them having such fun times together.




No day would be complete without a colourful sunset and today’s was rather nice I thought.

I hope you had a beautiful day and pretty sunset too!


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What a wonderful way to start your day @sallybeth23. 😊


Thanks Gillian yes a morning walk is lovely 🦋🌈🌴🍀

I wanna go where you are! Thanks for sharing! :)


Haha That is understandable. 🦋🌈🌴💛🍀

Hi Sallybeth,
Thanks for sharing your day! What awesome Pics ... that little squirrel is SO cute!

Upped & Resteemed :D


Thanks very much for your great comment and support.🍀💛🌴🌈🦋

Aww so beautiful, I love the dense forest/jungle so much. I also love it when there’s lots of lichen growing all over the trees, sometimes I used to stare and see many different colours just within normal trees, silvers, oranges, purples, blues etc :) then when all of the mid green moss grows off the branches it looks awesome !:)

Aw cool, wild horses! Must be an amazing sight, I’ve always dreamed about seeing wild horses running freely across an outback somewhere.

Amazing gecko 🦎😀 plus that pink/purple sky is so captivating, so cool how different almost every sunset is - resets the mind for sure :) x


Lovely to read your comments. I know what you mean about lichen and moss covered trees. They are some of the oldest plants in existence too. Nothing more organically beautiful than ancient forests! The smells, the colours, the textures! Woods have been one of my most favourite places all my life. Always captivating and empowering.
The wild horses are very special, I have seen them roaming like this in Wales in certain place s too, always a magical sight.❤️

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That squirrel!! I want one too! I've seen so many but they give me a look like WTF?! and run as fast as they, LOL! I don't know what I'm doing wrong!

And that sunset! You make me want to go there! Why is it sooo far away?!

BTW, any issues with the hurricanes there? I hope you're safe!

Thank you for sharing and I'm sorry for missing your posts! I already wondered what happened so headed over to your profile :)

What a wonderful walk to the beach! So many trees everywhere you go!
The squirrel is very young and lovely! I used to have one as pet but it disappeared one day, we thought the cat got it.

People are really enjoying themselves, including the horses and dogs!
A wonderful paradise for all seeking peace and love.


Thanks my friend - always lovely to read your comments - keep steeming and keep the faith 🌴