Tonight’s Moon

in #photography3 years ago

The moon is full tomorrow. Tonight it has just risen over the hilltop and Is looking rather beautiful so I thought I would grab a few shots of it.





I am looking forward to bathing in the full moon tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed there will be a clear sky for taking photos.

I hope you are having a fabulous day!

Namaste ❤️


Great shot you have captured. The moon is looking so big and beautiful.

Thanks very much. 🦋🌈🌴💛🍀

Majestic takes in your camera

Thanks very much 🌈🦋🌴💛

Wow!!! Amazing! These are some of he gear shots I have been of the moon, it’s looks so real, I love the tree silhouettes :) they’re amazing. The deep colour of the moon low in the horizon is always super special. So much wonder and thoughts arise when I moon gaze... another form of meditation. In NZ I remember watching my first planned moon rise:) the first of many!

I hope the skies are clear for you and you have full view of the moon! 😀🌅❤️🌴🌌

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. Moon gazing can be very meditative it’s true. Fingers crossed for a clear sky tonight 🤞🌅🦋🌴🌈💛

Stunning picture of the Goddess. You have captured her in all her glory Sallybeth. )0(

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Thanks very much 🦋🌴🌈💛🍀

Fantastic shots - classic!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Thanks so much @icedrum for stopping by with a comment. Always appreciated. It was a very big looking moon as it popped over the hill! I had just finished work after not taking photos all day so was happy to be able to grab these shots for a post here! 😂🦋🌈🌴💛🍀

A wonderful set of pictures of our wonderful Moon! So full of himself and looking majestic. I am so glad you captured him looking his best!

Good luck tomorrow!


Awww thanks Denise 🤗🌈🦋🌴💛🍀

Love the shot of the moon between the trees! It looks stunning tonight, I wonder what it will look like tomorrow when it is full! I will be whipping out my camera for that :D

Thanks so much for your lovely comment @gardeningchef 🦋🌴🌈💛🍀

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hermosa foto ! me enamore

Muchas gracias. 🦋🌈🌴💛🍀

Magic great shot between the tree, perfect positioning 💯🐒

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