Small Predators of the Odonata insect group.

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Dragonflies are predatory insects that are carnivorous groups that can prey on small fish, they live not far from the water, the habit of ecosystem is in the swamp area.

Dragonflies manifold Odonata can also be found around us, they are often found in the damp weeds in our region, this I prove through the photos in this post.

In this photo, I also took a picture of a dragonfly that was eating its prey. Seen in my post, some of these pictures I got yesterday since I seriously studied the science of photography. Below are some pictures of dragonfly predators that I have documented. Hope you like it.

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Cool macro! Beautifully made!

Thanks a lot....

Hei @safar01It's this crazy beautiful picture. Would love to visit and see this place at the same time I do not want to disturb how magnificent it is, better that way because people will gather there to take pictures of instagram and trash and ruin what nature has created.

Therefore, such a scene is obtained.

Good post. I did not initially know that a dragonfly is a carnivorous insect. I used to think that dragonfly food is grass. It turns out I have been wrong to guess this animal feed. Thanks @ safar01 has shared this interesting article.

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wow nice pictures
pat neu teumeung nyan foto?
#aceh Dragonflies

njan di blang rayek ku poto barosa :D :D

Dragonflies is quite an interesting creature and you captured it very close and clear...
Thanks for sharing...

Loves Dragonflies! Wonderful post with beautiful photos and great information.

Thanks for your compliments @suzique :) :)

These are some incredible pictures! I loved your work!

Thank you @firepower
I am flattered by your compliment :) :)

Nice discovery channel type pictures I won't lie Dragonflies trip me out. When ever they land on or near me I get scared even though it's a small insect they scare me. Do they bite at all?? I never see them in the city it's when I goto the country they are all around. I didn't know they ate small fish that's kind of cool to know. The first ever carnivore insect I ever heard about; even though I'm scared by these critters. Thank you for posting info and knowledge about them. Good read 🙏

Thank you @lovleacloud
Dragonflies are harmless to humans. It's just that he preys on animals smaller than he, but he also looks very cute :)

Nice pic Tgk @safar01, already resteem follow you thanks for share..

good post, thanks for sharing

I'm pretty sure these are damselflies:)

I'm not an expert by any means, but I think you are correct. Although many people confuse the two, there are differences, the most apparent being that the damselfly has a more slender body and tends to hold its wings together, whereas the dragonfly usually holds its wings open horizontally. The damselfly's eyes are much farther apart than those of the dragonfly.
Both beautiful creatures though!

He is a predator :D :D

Very cool eye-catching pictures!

I like the quality of pictures and all your post ! Followed)

I love those beautiful images

those pictures are amazing this insect is pretty interesting he have a weird shape thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Dragonfly are some of the most colourful and varied insects you can find. From tiny ones to some super large ones. I have a couple of garden ponds and you know when summer has arrived by the number of dragonfly's :)

I love dragonflies. They seem to me even more beautiful than butterflies.

Wow, I went to see your page and you have great talent. I love your pictures. I'm new to photography and love it. Hope you go see my page too ;) upvoted and followed

A very interesting photo for a small dragonfly like that @safar01

You are welcome @safar01

Very good post :)

you are welcome :)

This dragonfly looks pissed! Great shots man .
I'm also into photography , not equipped for macro but I love it.

Thanks @kingmotan.
I hope some day you can try macro photography :)

One can only hope lol .

Hahahahah LOL

They are beautiful photos, very informative.

Really nice close up dragon flies photo @safar01
my friend have started a new tag #sciencepic
What you are doing here are perfect fit for this tag, details here.
Looking forward to see you help spreading science with photography!!

Great shot bro. Biasa hunting dmn bg?

interesting post

You are looking professional. All pics are awesome.

Love your pictures
Keep It up
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bertus barang, haha

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Nice photos and very interesting article ;) greetings.

Thank you very much @sava

Love the butterfly Butterfly! Wonderful post with beautiful pictures and great information.

seri... ok

In my neighborhood we have azure damselflies.

Gotta love the dragonfly 👍🏼

Original picture... Bravo & nice job bro

Profesional photo good job men

Hello little fella!

Good job rakan...teruslah berkarya

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