Beetles lime plant.

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Hi everyone, today I want to share you some macro pictures that I catch on orange park, this beetle if we see more detail then it will look nice and charming

But do you know, this beetle is a pest of citrus plants that often interfere with our plants, but not as dangerous as other pests, the nature of this beetle is eating leaves and citrus fruit is still green.

This beetle has a variety of colors. When they were little he was white, but when they are adults will look yellow like a powder of orange tree flowers like bees.

You are curious about the picture of beetles that I captured this morning, under my writing this, I have provided some images of lime plant pest beetle that I catch using a macro lens. Hope you like it.

I hope you like my post. I would like you to give me feedback on this photo that I follow. Thank you

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Great Pictures 👍

wow amazing picture @safar01. i like it so much. i think you are great and pro photographer. i believe u have many great posting about photography with best shot and correct angle, waiting for latest post. Let's waking to my blog I have some beutiful photos on my wall.

Best photo star from best photographer, follow me.

Wonderful incepto greetings from Bolivia

Bereh that lagoe cara pengambilan gamba jih.. Salut

Amazing, and really great photography @Safar01, you are profesional photografer, and this insect is really very beautiful, even though he is just a pest of insect bugs but he has a stunning form wrapped in really charming colors, I like this insect, And I've never seen a colored insect like this, and very rarely insects that eat orange leaves, only strong insects that can eat the bitter orange leaves, awesome and thank you for sharing this beautiful image on Social Network, the photo you get this time is somacth give me feedback and an inspiration for my photografer carier, thanks Brother already various photography of this beautiful insect, success always for you, And allow me to share your great work on my Steemit blog. I will wait for your next great post.

My prayers are always with you Safar.


Wow... great shots... amazing picture @safar01