Hatching Hopes (Freewrite... And The Usual Ruth Spider - And Not Only - Shots)

in #photography6 years ago (edited)

I was on the balcony yesterday, testing some new close-up filters I bought (and harassing spiders of course). I was trying to take pictures of a baby spider (in vain, because it was really really small and all I could get was a blurry outline of something looking like a spider):

And here I have placed my hand behind its web to show you how really small it was:

I had climbed on the balcony railing, trying to balance and get a clear shot of this miniature, but it was really hard, as the wind was blowing and shook the web, so I couldn't focus. Frustrated as I was, I looked away and found out these...


I don't know about you, but I was so excited by the final shots. These pictures are unedited. 

To my eyes, this looks like a painting. I instantaneously remembered @anibas and her spheres... (you can't blame a woman's train of thoughts, can you? 😜)

Look at them, they are so:




Bearing new life inside

Life that has the power to construct

Or destruct...

Life that has potential

Life that has a purpose

And dreams

Dreams that we "fertilize"

And bear

And watch them hatch



Dreams that feed us


*All images and original story by @ruth-girl - Steemit, 2018


Thank you so much for your time!

Until my next post,
Steem on and keep smiling, people! 



Trains of thoughts should never be blamed, they are cool trains which take us to interesting destinations, especially if we don't freak out and jump out of too soon!! (Then, they obviously canNOT take us to any destination, but leave us (or rather, we leave ourselves) stranded in the middle of nothing.)
Kind of like... If someone would have seen that tiny spider and freaked out, they would have missed out on all those lovely discoveries that followed!

This is very nicely put!
Trains lead us somewhere, trains of thoughts do so as well, but the lead us to destinations we cannot even guess from the beginning. Like a weird domino effect...

τα αυγα τα βρηκες στον ιστο??? ... θα ανεβασω κατι φωτο που εβγαλα χθες απο μια αραχνη γκοντζιλα που βρηκα χθες στον κηπο....ειλικρινα τρομαξα οταν την ειδα ...ηταν τεραστια...και ο ιστος της ηταν πολυ δυνατος και οχι οπως οι συνηθισμενοι....πρεπει να παρω μια καλη φωτογραφικη μηχανη....το κινητο δε βγαζει καλες κοντινες

Η αραχνη ηταν στη μια πλευρα του σιδερου κ τα αυγα στην ακριβως απο πισω (ειναι η πλευρα π δε φαινεται απο μεσα απο το μπαλκονι). Κατα τυχη τα ειδα οπως καθομουν πανω στο καγκελο κ προσεχα να μην πεσω κ σκασω σαν το καρπουζι κατω στην αυλη, ειναι και γυρω στα 2 μετρα υψος απο το καγκελο, δεν λεει να σπασω κανενα ποδι καλοκαιριατικα...

Ααα! Θελω να δω τι τερας βρηκες παλι! Ψωμομενα τα εντομα στον κηπο σας, τρωνε καλα μαλλον :Ρ

Spider-Man υπάρχει άλλα εσύ θα κάνεις την διαφορά...
θα σε τσιμπήσει η αράχνη στο χέρι και ια γίνεις Spider-woman :ppp

Λες; Και μετα να γινω η Γυναικα Ταραντουλα?!?!?!

το θέμα είναι με ποιούς θα είσαι με τους καλούς ή τους κακούς;;; :ppp

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