Some macro shots of Dragon Fly

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I like this creature very much. In West Bengal it's called as "Faring". I think the most attractive parts of a dragon fly's body are its large multifaceted eyes and two pairs of transparent wings. I see only a few types of dragon fly in our state. Most of them are not very colorful. Only few of them have a color bands on their wings and as well as on their tails also. Today I want to share some macro photographs of Dragon Fly.

Macro Shots of Dragon Fly

SAMSUNG /SM-G935F/f-2.2/ISO-40

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The detail is absolutely spectacular.
Macro lenses are amazing haha.
Such a beautiful insect.
Great shots royalmacro!

Ive never seen this dragonfly before. Very nice shots from underneath too. Awesome :) Im following you

The dragonfly, I just learned, is connected to the wood nymph - fae.

it's a type of insect :)

I love the second, it is really beautiful. How did you get to approach so much without scaring her? Very good job. Are you professional?

This creatures are very placid and not so fast as butterflies, so, closed shot is possible without scaring them.
I'm an amateur photographer, not professional :)

Very nice shots dear!!!
thanks for sharing

thank you my friend :)

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Great photographs.
The insect looks amazing

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Excellent photos!

Great pictures!

I try to start a macro Challenge - maybe you are interested.

wow! great I'll participate

Sound great! Thanks!

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