Great Festival Durga Puja 2017 Episode 03

in #photography6 years ago

Today I am going to share some amazing sculptures which were used to decorate pandals of Durga Puja. Most of them were made with mud, thermocol, rope & cloth. These decorative sculptures were looking so gorgeous that I could not control me to capture them. 


motherly affection

This sculpture was made with stones, snail shells and marbles.


This sculpture was made with thermocol and plaster of paris.


An oil painting ; painted on stone wall.

[To be continued...]

Previous Episodes : Episode#1 , Episode#2

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Fantastic Photos, the clarity is amazing! Very nice post here, Thanks.

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What a creativity, happy durga pooja.

This is an amazing series to see more and interesting things and gain knowledge keep sharing steem on :)

Very very beautiful pictures of beautiful festival of our country. The pictures describe how beautiful our culture and civilization to the world. Thank you so much my dear friend, for sharing, resteem it. Have a great time ahead.

excllent festival this is nice pics you shared

excellent work dear friend @royalmacro, congratulations for the beautiful catches
Many funny spor share this beautiful images
I wish you a happy rest

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