Wishing Everyone a Great 2020

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It's been 9 months since I last posted on Steemit. Although I'm still kind of burned out, I decided to at least come back and wish the community all the best in the coming year.

I took this photo the other evening, the sight was quite dramatic in its full natural glory. Actually "ominous" is a more appropriate description, it made me think of the original film "Ghostbusters" when the dark spirit was attacking the city.

bf DSC_0411.jpg
Looking South

bf DSC_0407.jpg
Looking East

bf DSC_0401.jpg
At daybreak you can see how most of our local clouds are formed.

Happy New Year!


So nice to read something of yours again! Happy New Year!

I see you have turned 68 in the meantime :-) Glad you see you have been keeping Steemit beautiful with your informative posts. Happy New Year to you too!

Welcome back!!!!!!

Thanks for remembering me!

Beautiful! :)
@tipu curate

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Thanks you very much indeed!

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