Grain of Summer

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Impressions from yesterday .... Eindrücke von gesternbf DSC_0233.jpg

Hermann Hesse translated by James Wright

Is this everything now, the quick delusions of flowers,
And the down colors of the bright summer meadow,
The soft blue spread of heaven, the bees' song,
Is this everything only a God's groaning dream

bf DSC_0251.jpg

Hermann Hesse (1915)

Ist dies nun alles, Blumengaukelspiel
Und Farbenflaum der lichten Sommerwiese,
Zartblau gespannter Himmel, Bienensang,
Ist dies nun alles eines Gottes stöhnender Traum

bf DSC_0245.jpg

bf DSC_0230.jpg

bf DSC_0237.jpg SEPIA

bf DSC_0231.jpg

bf crop DSC_0240.jpg

bf DSC_0238.jpg

bf DSC_0246.jpg

bf DSC_0242.jpg

bf DSC_0249.jpg

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Had to look up that poem. I read most of Hesse's prose but not many of his poems. This one made me want to read more.

And you even have the mountain line right at hand. I like the first image a lot.

btw. do you know the four last lieder of Richard Strauss? I wrote about them here:


In my college days I was really into Hesse, but at that time I read everything in translation. It was strange feeling later being able to read the original. I was even drawn to his paintings ;-) He didn't start until he was well into middle age.

The original of the first photo was actually totally unsatisfactory, but I am "hartnäckig" and I hate to give up. I couldn't get that result again even if my life depended on it, but I am satisfied with how it turned out. My Nikon sucks in Automatic mode, and I hate using the tedious digital menus to work manually. I need to think about upgrading to another camera one of these days.

Thanks for the link to your Richard Strauss post! I couldn't upvote the post, but at least I could upvote your comment about it :-) That was before we were following each other. When I get some time I'm going to listen intently to those pieces. Funny how we are often unknowingly shadowing each other on some things. I also did a post on Richard Strauss! I think this was before you were following me.


That was back in dark ages :) btw, here is the Schwarzkopf recording that seems to have disappeared from my post.

waaw das ist echt schön 👍🏻 LG


Merci :-)

Das sind ja malerische Eindrücke die du hier eingefangen Hast.
Der Sommer - die schönste Zeit des Jahres.
Ich versuche wann immer es geht mit der Kamera draußen zu sein.

MfG Jonas


Danke Jonas!

Hello, @roused! Lovely photos. Great places. Interesting processing of images after which an unusual effect is created. I would even say that you have real picturesque paintings.

Natur pur!
Das gefällt mir!

*****Oh Waooooo*****

Absolutely beautiful looks like Mother Nature is alive it seems that the trees are alive with those lovely colors!

Pictures look great. Clicking editing both awesome

Those are some mesmerizing effects! What software did you use?

it's amazing nice article

Wahnsinns Bilder!

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