Bavarian Americans

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Seeing vintage American cars and trucks in Europe never ceases to amaze me, especially when they are so beautifully restored and maintained.

bf DSC_0162.jpg

Alte amerikanische Autos und Trucks in Europa zu sehen, ist immer wieder eine tolle Überraschung, besonders wenn sie so schön restauriert und gepflegt sind.

bf DSC_0206.jpg

bf DSC_0023.jpg

bf DSC_0165.jpg

bf DSC_0022.jpg


bf DSC_0006.jpg

bf DSC_0090.jpg

bf DSC_0091.jpg

bf DSC_0200.jpg


bf DSC_0092.jpg

bf DSC_0095.jpg

bf DSC_0098.jpg

bf DSC_0073.jpg

bf DSC_0030.jpg

bf DSC_0031.jpg

I shared this beautiful Corvette on an earlier post -- ich zeigte diesen schönen Corvette in einem früheren Post.

1st corvette.jpg

I was amazed to find a nearly identical Covette! -- ich war erstaunt, einen fast identischen Corvette zu finden!

bf DSC_0203.jpg

bf DSC_0202.jpg (notice lines on the trunk -- merk dir die Linien auf dem Kofferraum)

bf DSC_0201.jpg

This & That -- Dies & Das

bf DSC_0166.jpg

bf DSC_0093.jpg

bf DSC_0133.jpg

Taken at the ADAC 2018 Bavarian Oldertimer Rally

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Die Fotos sind ein Wahnsinn, really amazing! Nicht nur für Autofreaks eine Augenweide! Ich schaue immer, wer sich so aller auf dem Gelände herumtreibt. Diesmal sind mir John Wayne und Marilyn Monroe ? ins Auge gesprungen :)


Thanks @vieanna ! I should have introduced some new "characters" into my head-swaps ;-) Those oldtimers are really amazing, they just seem to make everyone smile. Sorry to hear about your cold, I wish you a super speedy recovery!!!!!

Wow,, it's so muscular, really need alot of money and sacrifice to get like the blue one. I love that one. I am a free style woman and a truck very suitable for me.


Go for it ;-)






Hello, @roused. Yes, these cars are beautiful! I do not get tired of admiring the designers of those years.

I would like to ask you a question, the answer to which is very important to me. Perhaps you will think that this question is strange, but please answer me.

I see you covered the faces of random people in the photo. Tell me, why did you do this? You can be held accountable for publishing people's faces without their consent? For publication, you must get permission otherwise they can sue you?

I often see bloggers from Europe and the US doing it. In my country, it is not accepted. Maybe I live in a more backward country. Tell me, please, what laws are in place in your country?


Yes there is a new EU law, some people say don't worry about it, some (including myself) think it is wise to be cautious.


Thank you for the answer @roused! I understand you. You apparently have in mind the law of GDPR.

Each and everyone of them looks astonishing!!Classic design and more importantly all of them are glowing.I really want to have one.

classic muscle cars are things that excites dodge charger or mustang..

All this cars look cool... I want photography them :)

Mega coole Autos und super Fotos
Da macht es schon Spaß nur die Fotos zu schauen..!!!

Total schöne Autos. Und super Fotos gemacht.
Schön zu sehen. Habe leider keinen in der Garage...

Sehr schöne Bilder!
Wir fahren ebenfalls einen Oldtimer und freuen uns stets solche Bilder zu sehen!
Es ist einfach fantastisch, wenn die Menschen ihre Fahrzeuge pflegen und in Schuss halten!
Danke dir für diesen Beitrag :)

Beste Grüße