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Hello , I am Riina .


In 2005 I started my adventure with photography .

From the first shot i felt in love in this specialization .

I met with my beautiful friends for photo sessions, which later I put on sites related to photography .


A few years after graduating from film school, I started traveling around the world. At that time, love for reportage germinated in me.


I began to scrupulously look at my surroundings which day by day fascinated me more and more. My life has changed .
I suddenly began to appreciate the natural, raw, original beauty that has become an inseparable part of me.


So here I am

I would like to share this beauty with other people.


Dear reader, I hope that my works will appeal to you, bring something useful to your life and together with me you will move into the world of stories told by me.


Thank you very much for your time.

I wish you a beautiful day and a smile on your face.

To next time !


Welcome Riina!

It looks like we have a new rising star in the steemit photography community :)
I am quite new too but I am getting addicted to it!
There are here a lot of contests to practice your photographic skills and a lot of great photographers to get inspiration of!
At the link below you will find useful information to get you starting!


I hope you'll have a great experience in stemit!

Thank you for sharing this link . i will check it :) yes and this is true steemit is sooo addictive!!! i am realy happy i am here and i found this platform ;)

Hiii @riina, welcome to Stemit :)
I wish you a lot of success on this platform :)

Hello, thank you . I hope it will be lucky account :) have a lovely day .

I love the last two photographs!

i am really glad . These two photographs are of the latest works which i took ... so it means i made progress :) I am super happy from this reason . Thank you for the comment ! Really appreciate it.

Hi @riina thanks for support my post.

i suggest you should care about your voting power (for maximum curator reward) now your VP is on 8% with 15SP is very low amount for curator.

is wise to use only one upvote every 2 hours, but now you shouldn't upvote any post for 5 days until your voting power reach 100%

you can see in detail here https://steemnow.com/@riina

oh thank you for the information . I am new here so i didnt know it .

your welcome. and nice to meet you on steemit :)

Hi @riina welcome to Stemit♥♥
Beautiful Post

Hello Dear ! 🌹
I am really glad you like it ! :)

You beautiful sesion photography. I hope more and more photography. Kiss!

Thank you Dear :) I will add something new soon .

Welcome to Steemit, Riina!
Can't wait to see what your future posts will be about!

I really like the photo with a whole bunch of cranes and a construction site in the middle of the sea!

I am really happy you like my post and my photo ... i put a lot of energy to make good post and valuable story .... so right now i am writting a lot and soon will post somthing more ;) Cant wait too !by the way.... Nice to meet you . I am so glad people are so active here i feel really good vibrations here on steemit .

welcome riina

great post

thank you

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Welcome to Steemit! I hope you have fun here with everyone and there are many people here who appreciate good art, traveling, photography and of course, LIFE! I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. :)

Hello too ! This is the reason why i am here :) Steemit have so many amazing posts to offer . I am really happy I can follow so many talented people and support their work ! Thank you for warm welcome !

Beautiful work :) Looking forward to seeing more from you!! Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you so much Dear ! Thank you for comment i appreciate it so much !

selamat datang teman baru

Hello riina, very welcome to Steemit community. I like your work very much. waiting for more. Have a nice time with steemit, good luck in the future, steem on :)

Oh thank you very much ! I am really happy you like my works ! :) it is the most important for me :)

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