A Walk through the Medieval Torturing History

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Last night I and my girlfriend decided to go to an exhibition about the instruments used in Medieval times for torturing and also to an exhibition in Nebojsa tower. So, we wake up early in the morning, prepared ourselves to catch a bus for the city center. We ate Giros. It is an amazing Greek food. I still didn't know what was waiting for me in the Museum. The museum is in Kalemegdan, it is a fort, built by the Austrian Empire, nearby the delta of river Sava and Danube, in Belgrade (Serbia).

We were searching for the museum. Kalemegdan is a very big place. You can get lost so easily. Anyway, it was hard for us to find the place for exhibition but after 10 minutes of looking around finally, we found it.


The environment inside was totally different from outside. Especially, music was a little bit scary. I could hear the sound of victims tortured, their screams and sounds of the instruments used. It created an environment which was totally unknown to me. I don't really know how to explain my experience.

This is iron shoe. Although it looks like slipper, but it was used as a torturing instrument. Mostly it was used for some kind of house arrest. The victim couldn't move with it. Most of the cases, it caused infections and could also break the bones inside the victim's feet.



The chastity belt was used for making sure that a woman is not going to have physical relation with other men. There used to be a lock in the belt. The key belonged to the husband or the father. So many women died because of the infection caused by this belt. Woman also used this belt during war time to protect themselves from getting raped.

iron gag.jpg

The iron-gag was used during the time of tourturing. It was used so that the victim cannot scream loudly.

This instrument was used for crushing the victim's knees. The victim's knee was put inside this instrument and pressed from both sides.




It was used so that the victim can not move. Mostly was used for prisoners. During the 16th century, this instrument was invented by the Austrian Empire. It used to punish the victim and also humiliate.

As you can see in the picture above, this instrument was used for crushing the skull of the victim.



The Spanish tickle torture was used to take out the skin of the prisoners back. They used to hang the prisoner by tying his hand and then to use this instrument from taking out the skin of his back.



The witch chair was used for women whom they believed to be guilty of witchcraft. Most of the instrument was used to punish women in the medival time in Europe.



THis was a very brutal instrument. The experience so painful and the victim was dying so slowly. The victim was made to sit on the sharp part of the instrument and his leg were tied. As the weight of the body put huge pressure, the sharp part of the instrument slowly entered inside the victim's rectum.







The victim used to be hancaffed and legs used to be tied. He used to be in a laying postion and then the torturer used to poke them with sharp instrument. Sometimes they used to set fire from down so that the victim's skin can be burnt



We couldn't handle ourselves inside anymore. So, we came out through the king's gate. One turist lady was kind enough to take of us. Then we headed for Nebojsa Tower. It was a long walk down but we survived somehow. The tower was used for defending the main fortress. But later it became a tower for tortuing as well as execution during Ottoman Empire. This was also used as prison. Famous Greek rebel Rigas Feraios was executed here. The name of the tower Nebojsa means fearless in Serbian.








There was an exhibition inside the tower where we could see how the families used to look during the Ottoman Empire in Serbia. We also saw different kinds of guns and pistols from that time, uniforms of the soldiers, battle plan of Ottoman navy.


When we came out, it was pretty dark. We went down nearby the river and walked little. We tried to take some photos as -well.




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great, rifana (:

ha ha ha , thanks :D

It was really exceptionally expeience. ;)

There are some great Belgrade underground tours like exploring secret rooms of Belgrade fortress

I should realy go to some of those underground tours. Thank you.

Good pictures with amazing writing skill :)

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Thanks for this post. I've been a few times in Belgrade and also twice visited Kalemegdan, but wasn't aware of this exhibition. I'll have to visit it next time, although it is quite scarry!

you are welcome.

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