5D Mark II - Washington Sq. Park NYC

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It's summer in New York City and the parks are packed. Every walk of life here enjoys some time shoulder to shoulder with strangers. Anywhere else it would be a safety hazard having this many people crammed in to one block but here its just another day in the city. This particular adventure wasn't a trip I planned. On my way downtown I remembered this park was close by a deli that serves Parker House Roll breakfast sandwiches. If you've every lived or visited the Tri-State area you know those rolls and Taylor Ham are objects of worship here. After picking up my breakfast, I went to the park to eat and stayed for the people watching. Kids lose their shit over bubbles - I miss life being that simple.











Nice street shots! I especially like that chalk one. With that much contrast, it would probably be amazing in black and white, too.

I would love to upgrade to full frame, especially since my old 7D (not mark 2) isn't keeping up with the times. Maybe after I finish this grad degree and find work...

That would look good in B&W I'll have to try that, thanks!!

I feel you - the upgrade is a big difference but the 7D is a great cam as well. Much better to shoot video on some times compared to the 5D mark II. The full frame is coming way down in price as people push for more Mega Pixels like the Sony A9 and new canon 60 mega pix stuff.. haha yeah income always helps there and they're only getting cheaper over time your good ;)

Yeah, I still pull some nice detail out of the 7D, but the low light performance of abysmal. Full frame would make better use of my fancy red rings :)

Nice pics mate! Hope to see you around

Thanks man appreciate it - tag me any time your in NYC and I'll do the same if I'm in Singapore!