Alchemy-Stone. Steemit economy works!

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Hello Steemians!
Hi @denmarkguy


I'm so happy that I recieved this awesome stone.
My cat loved it too, haha.

This will hopefully be the proof I was waiting for to convince my
sceptical friends that is the best platform on the internet by far!


I would like to say thank you @denmarkguy for this awesome mandala-stone. I'm so happy I won the auction and am now a proud owner of one of his magical stones. I'll continue to support artists and activists on Steemit.
I hope you cash your steem$ out at s good time. I want you to have some profit for this awesome artwork.
The packet arrived yesterday!
I just had to make an unboxing post.


This was my ultimate goal on steemit. My dream is that we can purchase anything just with Steem$ and can build an economy that is just inside of
Imagine that in some time we can purchase healthy food, more kinds of art like painters and musicians and even book vacations through
I think there is a SteemBnB, which is also awesome. Imagine you take your bike and drive to another city and you can stay there all just with Steem$. The banks would hate it and thats good, right? :-)


I'll keep the stone close to me for some time to expierience the power of your work. Later it will have a place in my vitrine as you see in the picture.


A big thanks to @steembay. Thanks for this awesome project. Looking forward to participate in more auctions in the future.
And another huge thanks to you Peter and your wife!
Kind regards

I hope I can inspire even more to buy or sell their artwork here on
Lets make this the greatest plattform!

Here one more for the steemit cat lovers out there!


Nice post and nice cat!!!

Haha thanks:)

So glad it arrived safely, and thanks for the glowing review! And clearly, your cat approves, and can sense that most of these are created with assistance from a cat (see photo attached).

I am also super happy to be part of the "Steemit Works" movement, and I really hope examples like this will give people more confidence and trust in the system.

I would have been "here" sooner, but didn't get my email notification from the postal service that the stone had been delivered till just a few minutes ago. Anyway, resteeming this for visibility, and will make a separate post later.

Yes, I'm very happy too. Looking forward to buy more if the shipping was not a loss for you.
Yes he was sniffing it for quite a while so I thought tjere was a cat involved.

Yes this is exactly my goal. This is a great example of what we all can do with this amazing plattform.

No worries mate. I didn't expect anything, just wanted to make sure I say thank you in a propper way:) great, I'll look out for it.
Have a really nice day and enjoy life as much as possible, Peter!
Best wishes from Marley (the cat) too!

No worries; the shipping was not a loss; what you paid + the curation rewards from comments on the original post more than covered everything.

Trading makes Steemit a bit more like a "real" community, to me. I'm not suggesting-- nor do I have any desires-- to turn this into a shopping venue; more a full reflection of what an entire ecosystem looks like: People tell stories, share creativity, form groups, meet... and sometimes trade with each other.

a beautiful and tame cat,

Looks like a nice cat:)

I love the detail in the stone.

You have a treasure there!

@denmarkguy has some mega-talent.

Steem on!


It is indeed a treasure. I'll keep it close for now:)
He is very talented and I'm looking forward for more sacred geometry!

My dream is that we can purchase anything just with Steem$ and can build an economy that is just inside of

I share the same dream @rheteric. I love the idea of being able to actually purchase products and services directly from Steemians as well as having a professional Market Place within Steemit, where I and other artists and craftspeople can display and sell our own work.

Love the stone and cat energy both you and @denmarkguy share. Sorry it's too late to upvote. 🦋

It would be great to have some places where true craftsmen and artists can share their work. It's important that this place don't transform to a mall. A small market like on a small musicfestival would be great. Massproduction products on the other hand should not be sold here I think.

Yeah I love the stone too and it feels good to have it with me.
No worries. I feel like a good comment is way more worth than an upvote. That's the only thing that you can do once a post has "expired"
Thanks anyways!

But I can upvote a comment. 😊

Totally agree with you @rheteric. It would be wonderful to have a separate and well-curated gallery/marketplace where only original hand-crafted items were placed.

We visit our local organic farmers market nearly every Sunday. Originally it was strictly only organic produce, but over the years conventional produce has slipped in as well. Sometimes this is actually good because some of the stall holders have produce that comes from local farms that are in conversion. The nature of other products has also expanded ie clothing ~ Which supports mainly local small manufacturers. Point being sometimes profit and variety take precedence.

I wonder what it would take to set up a curated gallery/marketplace at Steemit though. Can't imagine that it hasn't been thought of already?

For now I'm looking at #steembay with the view to 'test the waters.' Interested in buying @powellx5's BOHO Wrap Bracelet 🦋

A cat's normal temperature varies around 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

Haha, thanks for this fact. Now I'll have to convert it to celcius. :-)

In 1888, more than 300,000 mummified cats were found an Egyptian cemetery. They were stripped of their wrappings and carted off to be used by farmers in England and the U.S. for fertilizer.

That's sad to hear. Not really what they had in mind for the cat's future life.

A cat can spend five or more hours a day grooming himself.

Hit me up with another fact:)