The Beauty of Flower

in photography •  8 months ago

When I am seeing this flower . I can,t stop myself from taking a picture of this flower. I don,t know the name of that flower. If you know then tell me. I hope you like the beauty of that flower.


Another picture of that flower.


CameraCanon 700D
LocationBotanical garden
Taken by@reza13 .

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thank you dear for your support.

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oh wow. wonderfull photo capture. botanical garden is my one of the favorite place.
anyway, carry on reza. Best of luck


thank you @anon9 for your support dear.


you are most welcome @reza13

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Great capture dear ,the lush red colour seems very attractive to eyes ,thanx for sharing keep it up dear God bless you

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thank you dear for your support.

Nice flowers


wellcome dear for your support and visiting my blog. @kishor80

wow! love you macrophotography!

keep going!


thank you dear for your support.

Good photo! And the flowers are beautiful, only they had to be photographed in full growth, so that you could find out what kind of flowers they are.


Thank you dear for your support.

Good photo.


Thank you dear for your support. @marya77


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