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in photography •  3 months ago

Thanks to the members who entered my first photography competition here on steem. The winner, who receives 2 steem basic income shares via @steembasicincome, is @javierjmc with his image:


Runner-up, who receives 1 steem basic income share, was @pardinus with

Congratulations to the winners and thanks again to the other entrants. The winners can check the allocation of their SBI shares here by entering their name into the spreadsheet in the appropriate spot. See this post by @steembasicincome for details about the spreadsheet. Let me know if there were any problems with allocating your shares. Cheers!

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Thank you for organizing the contest @revo, and for being one of the chosens! And congratulations on the winner as well, amazing photo!

Woho!! Thank you very much have for organizing this contest and congrats to @pardinus and thanks everybody for submitting their photos!


You're welcome @jarvierjmc. Great shot.