Inaugural Revo Photography Competition - Landscapes. Win SBI Shares

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Welcome to my inaugural photography competition! This competition combines my two passions on this blockchain - photography and universal basic income. Win shares of the steem universal basic income as provided by @steembasicincome.

THEME: Landscape Photography

Show me your best landscape shot for a chance to win steem basic income shares.



  • Maximum one image per person

  • Post your entry into the comments section of this post (you can create your own blog post and link to it here if you want, but please include the image in the comments here)

  • You must like and resteem this post

  • Must be original work. Images will be reverse searched. If you have your images elsewhere please provide some means of verifying you own them. This could be an unedited version of the shot as a reply to your entry here, or link to one of your other social media accounts showing some sort of verification message (a picture on paper of your steem username, for instance)

  • Competition closes 5 days time at 6pm Australia Eastern Standard Time on the 26th July


As this is my first competition, and I'm only a lowly plankton/minnow hybrid, the prizes will be modest. Hopefully with some exposure I can increase these with time.

  • FIRST PLACE: 2 steem basic income shares
  • RUNNER UP: 1 steem basic income share


Steem basic income is a scheme started by a couple of steem members (@steembasicincome) to provide a basic income to all its members. I'm a big fan of universal basic income, so this is a great opportunity to spread the word and increase both my and the winners' shares of SBI. When you own one or more shares of SBI, you are guaranteed upvotes on your blog posts. It's by this mechanism that you can receive a basic income. Returns are small at the moment, but with increased support of the scheme, incomes will grow. This scheme works by distributing a growing portion of the existing steem reward pool towards SBI members.

Check out their FAQ.


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Hi there! Here's my entry:

I had shared this a few months ago. I hope that's OK.

Thanks for this opportunity. 😊

I took this shot two year ago. It's a view of Orinoco river at evening. My city is on its banks. I live in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela


This is from my last blog...I could go on for days.

Photography of the duck, but only if you look closely you can spot her; enjoying sunny day at Palmetum on Tenerife. Wouldn’t you like to be her? Think about it twice. On one side sort of a paradise and on the other it is just you, alone. I think it would be nice for a few weeks, just like kid with a new toy and then…loneliness.

Everybody being alone with sadness and darkness; in this picture as well; if you look at the natural border made by trees and grass it is all black and dark shaded. Interesting perspective created by the sun and shadows of the surrounding. We can see calming spectrum from light green to dark black without the main subject. Every object can be seen as a center of focus.

One of our main instincts is the one for reproduction that requires social interaction, and for that reason our brain is “punishing us” for being alone for some time. Don’t get me wrong, it can benefit you from time to time to clear thoughts and think about all that is, but it is not how nature planed it to be and truth to be told, you are here because people did not want to be alone.


And here goes my entry: in vacations in Hungary, ended up in a town called Tihany, near lake Balaton. From Tihany, there is a great number of hiking trails, and it was in one of them that this photo was taken. Just love the combination of small mountains and the wetlands, it was a paradise for watching wildlife!

2016-04-15 17.27.53.jpg


In Australia that would be full of deadly snakes.. haha :)


And I would most likely go there too, trying to see and photograph them :P


Wow, so glad! Thank you very much! :)

It's my entry for the contest. Picture from my post on steemit

My Entry.

It's from our National Memorial.

Misty July morning1 crop 2018.jpg

Misty morning on the homestead

Trail of "Khum" in Bandarbon ...


My entry. One of my happy places.

Here is my entry:

Sunset at Magelungssjön, Stockholm.

It was a sunset I captured few years ago during the summer on one of my favorite lakes (Magelungssjön) in Stockholm, Sweden. Haven't been able to capture something like this again.