How to create a preset/style for the images in Darktable?

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Hi guys. Now I will show you how to make a presets similar to the Adobe Lightroom in Windows, but it is called styles in Darktable in Linux. My currently operational system is Linux Mint.


Firstly, it is important to say that I will skip the step with a post-processing image. If you need to see or to revision how to edit your images, you can check some of my post on that topic:

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will use the resulting image from the first lesson, shown above.


I choose this image, because, it is easier to see the effect of the preset/style, which I will create shortly.

How to create a preset/style?

The first step is to choose a post-processed image from the main window like it is shown in the next photo.


You can see from the screenshot above the selected image. Now just double-click on it. You will see the following window


Now you see the selected image and to accept that I am happy with editing and I want to save these settings for use in future for other images. From the screenshot above I hope you can see well the opened history settings on the left.


From the image above, where it is shown the history settings, you can see all your actions applied to the photo in process of editing. Be careful. You can remove remove them just by clicking on compress history stack below.

However, in that case we want to save these settings, not to remove them. So, to process further.. to save the settings in the preset or style you must click on this little strange looking icon Избрано_616.png which is located on the bottom right in the history panel.


When you click on that small icon for creating a preset/styleИзбрано_616.png, it will appear a window, where you must write some name of the newly created preset/style. Free advise - Choose a good, descriptive name of the preset/style, to know what exactly this preset will do. In this case, I choose the name for my preset/style to be abstractBlackWhiteBackground, which will make the background of the selected images in that black-white abstract way.

When you are ready just click on save button. After that, the window will disappear. Now the preset/style is saved.

How to use newly create style/preset ?

I will show you two ways to apply a newly created style to the photo. For the first way, you must be on the main window of the Darktable where are listed in many photos. Then just click and select some similar image like it is shown in the next screenshot.


Now, in the right column, there is a setting called styles(you can see them from the image above). When you click on styles you must see the name of the your new preset/style. Just double-click on it and image will apply the preset/style. See the result from the next image.



The second way to apply your newest preset/style is from main window to double-click on some selected by you photo. Then you will go to the place where you edit the photo. That was the previous place, where I saved my newly created preset/style. See next photo.


Just below on the photo above, you can see again that one strange icon Избрано_616.png

Click on it and then you will see the name of your preset/style, then click once again on the preset/style name and the photo will apply it.

That's all folks. Thank you very much for stopping by. I hope this information to be useful for you. Wish you to have a great day. Thank you.

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