Sunny cool morning in the garden

in photography •  7 months ago

The air is crisp and cool in the garden this morning. I have the day off and a big diy project to work on. Today I'm hanging drywall and ordering tile for a major bathroom renovation.

When the work day is over, the whole family is going to enjoy the nice weather in the beer garden at 3rd Street Brewing. Tonight is falafel night and a local band called the Porch Dogs is playing. Sounds awesome!

Cheers, Professor Bromide

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After a bit of hard work, a few cold brews and grub is well deserved.. Hope it was a good night..


We did have a good time. The weather was perfect and the music was good. We met a new friend and the conversation was excellent.

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Good stuff man, sounds great..

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Enjoy the falafels and Porch Dogs!