Interesting Subject Matter for Photography - Brown Plants and Flowers

in photography •  13 days ago

Sometimes even those flowers and plants which have turned brown either due to the cold weather or the mere fact that they have finished flowering can make for a very interesting photo. I have taken a few of those and would like to share them with you today, and prove that even though they no longer possess a bright colour, they are nonetheless an interesting subject matter to take photos of.

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all photos taken by @claudiaz
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Requires a different way of seeing, to see beauty in the 'browned' and 'tarnished' ~ Beautiful images. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


thanks so much @allyinspirit, yes we all perceive beauty in different places!

Funnily enough I took some shots of dried up plants today on a walk but they are not where near as cool as your ones are


oh I dont believe that for one moment @tattoodjay, why dont you do a post and show us?


I havent looked at them on the computer yet but if any came out OK I will share them :)

Love the clarity of the photos <3

Nice shots. Some plants are worth a shot after flowering.


absolutely @ikarus56, but it all depends on where we see the beauty? we are all so different and see different things!