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Hello, friends and fellow steemians. I am happy to announce the start of a new project in this channel which will be dedicated to all the photographers on Steemit.

Everybody loves a beautiful photo, but few appreciate its value.


I have been on this platform for a few months now and seen some absolutely stunning photography by professionals as well as non-professionals.

It’s also come to my attention that the majority of them lack exposure and recognition for their photography, and are earning very little for the beautiful works of art they are sharing with all of us.

I would like to start a regular feature called “Spotlight On” by introducing the Steemit community to some of our brilliant and talented photographers who are really going unnoticed and deserve some recognition and support within the community. At the same time, I would like to encourage the photographers to do a little write-up with each photo they post. Where was the photo taken? What were the conditions like? the city or country it was taken in, and any other pertinent information they would like to share.

I believe that people who are not involved in photography cannot grasp how much time and effort it takes to produce those beautiful images. And no, I am not talking about the selfies and smartphone shots everyone takes, although don’t get me wrong some of those are really stunning too.

photo courtesy of Pixabay

There is so much more to it. First, you have to decide on a location, step two is getting there by whatever means necessary. Those could mean lugging a bag full of gear and a tripod all the way up a steep mountain in the worst weather conditions, or get up on a freezing cold morning before the sunrise just to get “that perfect shot”. Then set up the equipment and wait for the right conditions to take that photo. Pack up and go home. Now the image processing has to be done, and only once that is completed the job is done. Same goes for Studio Photography, oftentimes weeks of planning are required for a professional photo-shoot.

I have noticed on the Steemit platform that some do not consider photo’s to be quality content and therefore do not support the photographers by either upvoting or resteeming their photos.

So I decided I would like to make a positive contribution by affording them some extra exposure in the hope that we can influence peoples point of view and appreciation of the photographers as well as the photos and works of art they share with us on a daily basis.

If you enjoy photo contests with a difference please join my weekly

Photo Fun Contest.

Every week I select a fun, crazy or unusual theme and the winners share the 5.000 Steem allocated to the contest.

To see the latest contest please follow me on @positivexposure


If you enjoy photography please join our Discord Channel here:


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Positiveexposure - what a perfect name for the cause! The PPA (Professional Photographers Association) has a marketing campaign called Faces of PPA (you can google image search) that has members submit a photo of themselves in action, a few blurbs about what they love and how the org has helped. It was very successful and proved to be a great way to learn about other fellow photogs and build the community.

We applaud your tireless efforts and appreciate you help building awareness and a better sense of community!

thank you very much your support means a lot.

very good shot

Cool idea! I always try to put a blurb in on my photos to give a story to them. I think it gives people something more interesting than just "hey look at my picture!" Following and resteemed :)

yes I agree, and a lot of people would like to know more details about where, when and how anyway!

I love this idea, @positivexposure! Since I joined Steemit, I've always wondered what it is that this phrase 'quality content' represents in the minds of those who bandy it about. I wonder if they even know themselves. It always sounds like just another buzzword to me, and in this case, one that's extremely subjective and impossible to define. But I can totally see where providing context for a photograph - the STORY behind its creation - might seem more engaging and increase interest in both the image itself and its originator. I usually do this myself in any case, but I'll bear in mind the specific points you've made above when doing so in future. I'm following, resteeming and watching for sure! :o) With love, Jay x

Everyone sees the quality in a different light! Very subjective! Rules are there to be broken! Ha!

@jaytaylor and I am hoping to change that, with this idea, and also to encourage the photographers to write a few lines about the subject of the photo i.e. if its a flower in the photo we can always write something about the flower itself i.e. where it grows, its origin, when it flowers etc. a little info is always nice. Thanks for your support.

My pleasure, @positiveexposure - I really do think it's a fantastic initiative you're taking here. Kudos! x

Hey great Idea! I've noticed some really awesome photographers that are barely noticed in steemit, as for some that I really don't understand how they get so much attention. So I hope this comes out even better than you plan!

yes that is my intention, some get ridiculous amounts of money for poor quality photos, and those that do deliver good quality get hardly any attention, its sad really, so lets support them wherever we can.

What a great idea. Can't wait for the first contest! @journeyfreedom

Definitely looking forward to the series, and when you are ready, I am happy to step into the spot light!

thanks @bluefinstudios I will contact you privately on discord

My eyes has been opened to amazing photos since I've been on steemit.

yes there are many beautiful photos on the to be seen on a daily basis.

Now we're talking @positivexposure! This is a really great idea, so well done on that side. I love quality photos but know little about photography, so hopefully you'll be making some constructive comments of your own, to educate us wannabe photographers :). Thank you.

you are very welcome @anmeitheal, if you enjoy photography you will learn over time! its a great hobby to have.

This does make me curious about the differential degree of interaction between photographers on steemit and deep-style bloggers or even dtube makers on this platform. Making ways to showcase and bring to light the segments that might get less recognition is a great way to bring a wealth of diversity to the community. great idea @positivexposure

thanks for your support I appreciate it, and so will the photographers.

Making positive impact has always been my passion especially among Young Minds.

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I've told you before
Your post is very good indeed

Smart decision on trying to push them to include a bit of text.

Without people being told about what went into the photograph, they cannot know.

This place isn't conducive to lone photographs. We like stories.

Unfortunately, often times, whether or not an image tells 1000 words, someone will only hear them if something gets them to stop and listen.

so true, but some photos do truly touch our souls!

Wow, there's a lot of preparation necessary to take photos.
Photographers aren't as recognized as they should, especially those taking exceptional photos.

absolutely true, most people underestimate the work that goes into a nice photo, yet we all love to see pretty pictures.

This is such a good explanation of what goes into a photo. It is so much more than just a fading moment of perfection. There is hard work, blood, sweat, and tears into each photo shared.

Thank you for the feedback, and I agree.

Yay, photo contest! Good for you for taking the initiative here. I love photography, but am still very much a novice. There is so much to learn, and there are so many amazingly talented photographers on this platform! It's a bit intimidating, to be honest! I look forward to see what you discover.

dont be intimidated by others @uniwhisp, they where in the same place once where you are now. Why dont you take part in some contests I run? you dont need to be a proffesional for those, just enjoy some fun! here is the link to the latest one:

Thanks! I might do that. My main issue is a poor time-commitments ratio, but I'm working on that!

super, stay in touch

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nice post!!!
upvoted and followed!
hope you like mine too! :)
Good luck!

thank you so much!

Really a wonderful idea, I really love it! And completely agree on that there is so much quality, and so many photographers lack the exposure and rewarding they deserve and are hoping for ... I resteem this post and will follow this project ...

thanks so much @hetty-rowan, I appreciate your support.

Congratz, your post has been featured in The Daily Spotlights of 28 February 2018!

This is a great idea. I am following your blog and looking forward to enjoying some great photography. I am not a professional but would be grateful if you would check out my work nonetheless as I try very hard to bring quality content via my photography to steemit. Thank you

I will do so @sallybeth23, are you a member of our discord channel, there you can find contests as well as a lot of tutiorial which kept for future reference! If you like to join us here is an invite:
Hope to see you there!

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