Fun in the Sun - Portrait Photography

in photography •  3 months ago

This is the sweetest little girl and I may just add that she is also very photogenic.
She is the daughter of friends of ours, and we spend the day together yesterday at the lake. It was such a gorgeous day yesterday so we decided to take the kids to the lake for some rowing and fishing. Being a Sunday yesterday the beaches where pretty crowded but at the lake, it was peaceful and less windy! As you can see below she is very focused on her fishing line!

line pink.png
Some of us got a little too much sun, but the fresh air did us all a world of good, and after a day of rowing on the lake and entertaining kids, we all had a good nights sleep.
line pink.png
line pink.png
When she noticed that I was trying to take photos she became a little self-conscious and shy!
line pink.png
line pink.png
All photos were taken by @claudiaz with my smartphone
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She's so cute! Great pictures!

OMG, she is so cute! Lovely photos.

Little ones must have their fun regardless of the season or situation. Good shot @claudiaz

Its -20c where I am right now... hard to imagine warm