Such a pity…

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Today we have found a fantastic antique shop! Really the kind of store where you do not know what to buy first. Nice old furniture, original art, and cosily decorated ... I would probably have bought a lot of nice things... But, I said probably because ... we have not been inside.
For some reason the traffic light was broken and it never turned green ...

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A wasted business opportunity! It happens to the best.

There is alot of those little shops here in my town, in northern Texas


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Something that pulls in me to vintage and antique things is they have stories, and regardless of whether I don't have a clue about the tales, I influence them to up.

what traffic light? :P


the one in the back ;-)

Beautiful antique art shop....
well done dear friend...

am a fan of antique shops, unfortunately in my city there are not many.
Beautiful capture!