Landscape Photography: roaming around Czech wonderland in fall

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Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

Last week, I posted a little teaser of what the fall landscape can look like here in my Czech homeland in this post where I also said that I was expecting the fall colors to peak in a week or two. Well, just one week later and I think we are already there :)

It was another beautiful day yesterday with blue sky and sun shining all day long. The temperature was hovering around summery 25 C (77 F) so I grabbed my bike and my cell phone and headed out to nature outside of my hometown.

Just as I expected, the colors were even more intense and vivid than they were during my photo shooting last week so I knew I was in for some decent natural shots that I would use for my main fall landscape photo post this year :)

Let me now take you on a hike around the beautiful Czech landscape in fall through these 23 photos.
























I hope you enjoyed this special fall landscape photo selection. I took these photos in the natural surroundings of Radun, a picturesque little village found outside of my hometown in the Moravian - Silesian Region of the country.

What does the fall season look like in your countries, my fellow Steemians? If you have any current photos, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below, I would love to see them ;)


Hezký den vespolek přeju!

Včera jsem tady za kousek za Opavou (konkrétně v okolí malebné vísky Raduně) nafotil takovou menší podzimní kolekci, tak proč se o ni s vámi nepodělit, že? :) Pamatuju, že fotky podzimní přírody byly loni v #cesky celkem populární, tak bychom mohli tohle téma trochu oživit i letos. Máte-li nějaké aktuální podzimní snímky, hoďte je dolů do komentáře, nebo z nich klidně udělejte post a vložte tam odkaz. Rád se podívám, jak se příroda vybarvila ve vašem regionu :)

Krásný slunečný prodloužený víkend celému rybníčku!


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about #nature, #animals, #ecology, #crypto, #traveling, #photography and discovering secrets and beauties of the #world, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on Steeming! :)

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Skvělé fotky. A pár si jich taky dělal na kolenou :-)
Tohle je náš rybník včera v podvečer :-)

Kdyby jen na kolenou, kvůli některým jsem málem spadl do potoka :D

Krásná fotka. Vyzařuje z ní klid a pohoda :)

Na podzim a začátkem jara je tu klid. V létě je tu pořádný mumraj :-)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Wow, thank you so much @hafizullah for both curations :) Much appreciated.

Autumn at Black Lake...

Podzim u Černého jezera na Šumavě není tak barevný, ale je též krásný...



No jo, jehličnany na podzim tolik barev nevydají, ale jsou taky krásné :) Díky, moc hezké fotky.

Není zač, díky ;-)

I will share the same picture I shared in the other contest as it's the most recent one made by me.

Autumn is majestic for sure, no matter how rainy or bad weather is out there, the colours you will discover will literally leave anyone speechless :)

Very familiar shot hehe :) I am really glad you won the European Thursday challenge yeterday with this image, it looks amazing ;) Still cannot figure out how you managed to capture it :D

Thank you so much! I'm really happy I won that contest :D
Well, it's exactly what you said on a different comment. There is a pic from two other images, one when is day and one when is night :D

Ha! So it is a collage actually :) Nice one! Btw I might have anothe tip for you then... @shaka often hosts very cool collage challenges with interesting prizes ;)

Will take a look. Thanks for the tip! ❤️

Byli jsme dneska na rodinné procházce v trojské botanické zahradě. Zítra se o tom pokusím napsat článek.

Díky za příspěvek k tématu.

Great pictures @phortun.

for you

Thank you :) Cheers to the fall colors! :)

A splendid collection of images showcasing the beauty of autumn! @phortun Amazing!🍁🔆🍂

Thank you Nina :) Happy fall!

Happy Fall to you as well! My favorite of the four seasons🍁🌰🍂

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Beautiful posts

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so beautiful fall impressions! :))

Yeah, fall can be a nice season too, that´s for sure :)

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Thanks for the heads up guys, fixed :)

Beautiful photography.

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Thanks buddy.

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Beautiful click 👌 nice

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Thank you guys @rehan12 and @tipu :)

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Hey @phortun, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!