Monochrome Monday - Two

in photography •  10 months ago


Someone to watch your back, someone to lift you up, someone to keep you sane and make life meaningful. We all need someone, no matter who we are.

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Taken on an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

I see identical twins, dressing similarly, eating the same thing, drinking the same thing, talking about the same thing. Never one without the other. They will always be there for each other.


Will you remember to be a friend and be that special someone?

  • What do you see in this picture?
  • Do you have a special someone?
  • Are you a twin?

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i see girls checking their make up lol ;p


Haha, maybe;)


Hi Peter, I don't know how to write a personal post and where to write you in private form. Anyway enjoy your breakfast at Tiffany.

Bye for now, R the antman

Dear peter. As street photographer, my life is not so easy to have a twin, but I think everyone have a special friend. I am happy because in my life I have a person who is here for me, and I am for her too. I think I am happy, because she is twin (double luck) @mariaentela and @annadeda....


Impressive catch! You reassumed all the twins connections in this picture. I believe in many cases there's something unique and specila between them, even if we may experience a true and deep friendship it may be a little different (but I'll never know it :/)

maybe we all have - at least - a twin, in some other parallel world :)
the composition is a bit to static for me, but i like the empty space between them :)
all the best! :)


Wow, my brain is about to explode;)

Really cool shot, I always am intrigued by twins too!


Thanks, me too;)

twins..all people crave to have twins


glad to hear your honesty ;)

I see in this photo two twin sisters who seem inseparable.

A true friend, it is a man who knows you and whom you know, to whom one shows his heart and which shows you his.


"A brother born for times of distress"


absolutely dear @peter-parker

Yes there was always someone special in my life... my sister, cousins, best friends. Everybody should have somebody to lift him up when he needs it.


True words of wisdom;)

Great spot/shot dude! Love that they even appear to be drinking the same thing!

I see total unconditional solidarity.
I have someone more special than I would have ever thought possible.
I always imagine being a twin is a strange experience in its-self, I just have 'regular' muggle siblings.


I was too late to take the shot, but they actually ate the same thing too @skiesandsports. Too bad I missed that one;) Thanks for answering my questions, regular siblings are fun too, though...sometimes;)


Haha how weird, I always like to think if I was a twin I'd stubbornly do the opposite of my sibling! Yep, they keep things interesting anyway!

you really got the shot at super amazing time hahah wonderful :)


Yes, I'm lucky;)

A special moment with out even letting them know about it cool bro


Maybe they found out @cityslicker;)

well nicely taken image buddy !While You said they sure are twins ;)
We do need someone to have our back always ;)


Yes, especially when it's itchy;)


lolz agree to that ;)

friends are forever beautiful shot in the mono chrome colors bro


Thanks BRO!

beautyful picture...follback and upvote me


you,re welcome

They look cool


As cool as a winter breeze;)

Are they twins !!!!!!!!!
Nice caption bro.
I like it. LOL


I guess. Either that or shape-shifting alien creatures;)

Such a beautiful picture and pretty girls. I love the expressions in their place and how you capture it at the right moment ;)


Don't know if they'd feel the same way, but thanks;)

fascinating & exhilarated!



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have a good day


You too!;)



Ooh very cool photo @peter-parker.

I guess that only a twin can know what it's like to be one. A unique relationship to be sure!


Probably, I'll never know;)


Can you say clone? Of course your clone would never be your same age and therefore not truly identical!

  1. I'm not a twin
  2. I remember mainly my sisters and my best friend.
  3. I see some girls playing to be older, or to be a mom, they just love that.

Thanks for answering my questions

waaah .... read the account name seems spiderman got this ..?


Me, no, I'm just a kid from queens;)