See You Next Week, Stay Well

in photography •  2 years ago 

My dear friends, I'm going on a small vacation for a few days, see you next week.


Stay beautiful...

With love, Maya

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Have a great trip! I'm sure that you'll return with lots of material for articles here on Steemit!

Thank you very much, of course I'll :))

have a safe and fun trip!
looks like someone bella is heading to Italia!

This is amazing, you hit me, I'm going to Italy! @englishtchrivy
Thank you very much :)

Have fun many dear friend @ pepe.maya
I wish you a happy holiday

Thank you very much dear friend!

Wish you a nice journey :-)

Thank you very much :))

Vidi vidi Šibenik ti baš dobro stoji ;D

To je moj grad, hvala :))

E nije nego je moj ;)

Have a wonderful moments my dear friend full of sun and peaceful time ;)))

Have a save trip!!!

Thank you!

Have a gret trip my friend Up&Resteem

Thank you very much Amir :)

You are welcome my friend

Have a grate vacation my friend )

Thank you very much my dear friend! :)

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Take lots of pics Maya!

O yes, I'll! Thank you my friend :)

Have a nice time!

Thank you dear friend!

wow what a great background. whre was this pic taken.

..uzivaj ... i naravno slikaj nesto lipo

O da, naravno, hvala ti! :)

Enjoy and i cant w8 for more Beautiful Posts!

Thank you my friend :)

have a great vaca!!

Thank you :)

Have a great time, Maya!!!

Thank you very much :)

Have fun on your vacation :)

Keyholder North

I hate you, I hate you, I'm dying of envy, here in winter clothes
have a great time, my heart

bye bye have a safe journey

Que linda usted y la foto :)

Have a great time in Italy, Maya!!! I look forward to seeing your adventure in pictures!

Hope you have a lovely and very creative week away Maya. 🦋

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Great photo @pepe.maya! Have a good time!

very beauty👍👍👍👍

Do not forget to make some pictures from your vacation.

Of course! :))

Enjoy your vacation my dear friend Up&Resteem

Thank you very much :)

My pleasure dear friend