Why don't we appreciate and protect nature?

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Apprentice surfers! Two ducklings playing on some waves in a dam!

We want to show you some of nature's wonders on a farm in South Africa. Hope you enjoy the show.
Let's have a look!

See my teeth? Don't even try to take my bread!

The fearsome sight of an attacking Egyptian goose!

A Blacksmith in flight!

A lovely young Moorhen!

Mr. Crow in flight!

And finally, a Dragon in the sky!

Even today, after many years of research they are still discovering new secrets in nature. New insects, mammals, fish and a host of other live weird and wonderful beings. Millions have been identified and millions still remain undiscovered that will endure into the future.
Some so weird that it boggles the human mind.

Yet each was made to serve a special purpose in the nature cycle and each performs an important task. Mankind of course is nature's biggest enemy and I but wonder how many of nature's inhabitants were killed by pesticides and the eradication of their natural habitat. As mankind we were appointed as the earth's managers, but instead we have become earth's exploiters. Even the bees have become endangered.
What excuse do we have? None!
Think about it!

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We are destroying species before we even discover them. They can't be replaced. We should treasure them all


Exactly Sir Steve, such a pity and I agree totally with you! Many hearts have become stone hearts! Blessings and thank you for walking the road with us! @steevc

It's like visiting a zoo - so much wildlife!


Africa is filled with wildlife my friend. Glad you liked it and thank you for the support to our charity page! @for91days

Beautiful creatures you captured @papilloncharity, it's so very true, we should do our little bit to preserve every living creature!


Agreed Lady @lizelle, if only mankind's eyes were opened to the damages that they cause! Thank you and blessings!

Beautiful photos. Humans do not treat other humans kindly, so I guess it shouldn't shock us that we can't respect nature. 😢


So sad isn't it Lady @melinda010100, but I believe that the likes of the poachers and the destroyers will all get their own back one day. Until the we will shed many a tear for all of those that cannot speak! Blessings and thank you!

"No Comment" when it comes down to the disgraceful way we abuse everything, what we don't abuse we take for granted, time is running out, man is new here and has learned little to nothing (even though we think we are superior beings)!


The lowest of the lowest Lady @joanstewart. Even the animals show more respect to each other than what we do! Blessings!

what amazing birds!! I love them. I enjoy their views, their flight, as they fall from foot to foot. The wonderful world of nature, so much beauty in it. Thank you for your photos. I like them very much. And my birds for you.


Thank you for the nice words and the nice gift of your birds Lady @vipnata. They look like ducks? Blessings!

Some beautiful birds captured here, I love the motion and the cute ducklings in the first photo 😍 What is the critter in the second photo called...even with the baring of its teeth I like it :)


Thank you Lady @esli.kloppers, the critter is actually a very shy and wild little "Meerkat" I like your term "critter" as I do not encounter it often! Blessings!

I love nature and your pictures have a great way of capturing, I mean who can scroll past two awesome ducklings... So cute!


Glad you liked it Lady @insideoutlet and only to watch the little ducklings in the wind's waves was a revelation, especially as they are so small and clumsy! So cute! Thank you and blessings to you!


Haha small and clumsy, that would make them extra cute lol.