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A shy little bird, the Wax Bill, but not today in a public fountain as it is too hot!

We have seen the advancing rain clouds today (part 2) and rain will bring great relief from the blistering African sun. Besides, a bonus awaits as rain brings dense clouds which means that we can go and walk on the beach.
Let me show you more about the wax bill and the advancing clouds that are being ripped apart by stormy winds!

Part 1. The Wax Bill

Rarely seen around these parts, as their normal habitat is grass lands and forests. But the heat made them come!

Part 2. The advancing Clouds

Like a huge funnel the cloud advanced today, buffeted on all fronts by the wind!

Looks like a huge head of a bird emerging with an open mouth from a base of cloud!

Some amazing sights here don't you think?

The exciting thing is that there will be some clouds about at sunset and I look forward to getting some great shots. Now some of you will regard my obsession with nature as a bit overboard, especially as I hardly ever post humans, but there is a reason for this. At Papillon we work with the poorest of the poor, normally downtrodden and ignored due to the fact that they have nothing to offer in return. A man with only one leg that was deserted by his family, a poor old granny that was dumped in a cheap home by her children, little unwanted children in homes and many others like this.

Therefore I find an escape and comfort in nature and over the years of this work we have drifted away from society. Now I have a new family on steemit and elsewhere and they are all less demanding. Supportive in fact ,as many of them know what we have to endure. The spite of mankind knows no boundaries. This is why we want to say thank you to all of our friends and supporters. Thank you that I can knock on your page with a question and be helped without any murmurs behind my back. Thanks all of you for being kind and loving.
This is as it should be!

We hope you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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Being in nature allows us a little magic every day to keep us "even-keeled" I found Stephen.

Working with people who have nothing is taxing on emotions! Watching how some give up on life and living due to situation they find themselves in, is upsetting. Always appreciate your frank attitude @papilloncharity


Thank you so much Lady Joan, early on I have learnt to cut straight down the line (frank) as I've been told and I found that only special people like you like it. Many others don't, as they prefer tact and for some reason I just cannot get my mind to grasp the tact factor. If I say a thing, I tell it like it is. Maybe it's the child within me. Blessings!


Being blunt and to the point in life, face to face I have found being online I double check myself becoming a little more diplomatic in reasoning. Some like it some hate it, can't please all the people all the time, that's life....

Yes I do agree some amazing sights those clouds are so cool, and those bird shots are fantastic


Thank you my friend and I will show the great sunset later today! Blessings!


Cool look forward to seeing that

Amazing photography. Beautiful, but... really. In some moments it feels like the time has stopped.


Thank you and glad that you liked it my friend! Blessings!

Very cute bird. You perfectly caught a moment with the fountain.
I also love to watch the clouds. There are very beautiful clouds in your photos.


Thank you Elena, we had a great sunset last night and also great rain this morning. I will post the sunset later today! Blessings!

uauuu .. Beautiful photos … many thanks for show it to us :)


Thank you and it was my pleasure to share my friend! Blessings!

Stunning photos.. thanks for sharing

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Thank you and I am glad that you liked it my friend! Blessings!



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Oh wow those clouds look glorious, wonderful photography @papilloncharity!


Thank you Lady Lizette and it surely is stuff made for dreams! Blessings!

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i love the birds.. Beautiful photographs sir.


Thank you and glad you liked it my friend! Blessings!

All your pics are great but the skies caught my eye the most.


Thank you and the skies certainly offered some dreamy emotions! Blessings!

There are many worse things to be obsessed by than nature! I think perhaps too many of us are not obsessed enough with it and tend to take it for granted. I myself am going to get out today and soak some of it in!


Thank you and I definitely like your kind words! At times I also try to inspire others to look up at delights in the skies that most take for granted. Searching out the little beauties all around us instills a sense of peace and amazement about the wonders of life! Enjoy your walk and thank you again! Blessings!

Beautiful picture.
Those first birds are very colorful!


Thank you my friend! Blessings!

hello @papilloncharity! This is the first time that I have heard of the wax bill! Thank you for sharing!