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This is the moment that I've been waiting for... I hope.

You see, I have some skills, hobbies, and talents to work with, but I mostly have to use what I've got. For instance, this is how I simulate a zoom effect with a camera when I'm photographing something like a Water Moccasin.

Sure, it might not be the safest, but, I've got to use what I've got. I take my posts seriously and enjoy sharing them with all of you, so I try to put out a "high quality" post when I post, which includes my own original images.

There is still room for improvement, but I've been getting better. This is why I've decided to start the new year off right and really invest in a better camera. Hopefully, you will soon be able to see an improvement in my images.


Before steemit, I didn't really have an outlet for my hobbies, talents, or creativity. I can't even begin to tell you how much of a blessing it has been. Moreover, it inspires greatness, or at least it inspires to shoot for greatness.

I do not simply want to make a post, I want to make a captivating, impressive post. I do not just want to take a photo, I want to share an incredible image. I don't just want to exist, I want to live.

This is why I am so thankful for steemit. It encourages us to work harder, to learn and apply, to improve, and to help others do the same. I do not know what this year will hold for us, but I am excited to be here, and I'll be continously trying to progress in my capabilities and refine my skills. Be blessed!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @orelmely


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I did the same thing in the middle of the selfie contest. Got a T5i. The contest helped me start learning what the camera is capable of and the subjects let me explore its boundries.

I’ve had the canon eos 1300d for a few months now and think it’s a great camera, it’s my first proper camera so there’s been lots to learn but it’s been fun doing so I hope you enjoy it as much as me . My latest photos with my camera are of a blue tit looking for a place to roost if you find the time you may like them. Thanks mike

Congratulations on your new camera... Pictures are looking awesome now...


I hope that they will! Thanks!

Congrats on your new gear man! My first digital SLR was a Rebel. They are very capable cameras.Keep at it and you'll only get better. I hope to start posting more of my tips and tricks soon on Steemit so please follow me! I've been shooting for over 10 years professionally and I want to share my experience on Steemit. Seems like a great supportive community!!! Keep on going with your creative outlet!


Cool, glad to hear and welcome to Steemit.

Congratulations papa-pepper on your new camera. When on your adventures l would take your phone with you still you can never have to many cameras. Enjoy the photographs and the time outdoors.

Very nice! I have the T3i. Even though I have it I normally only have my phone on me anyway lol. You're going to have a lot of fun with it I'm sure.

NOW that is one improvement!

Imagine the pics and images you can take now!

P.S. Don't break it or drop on your first BIG picture-taking adventure!


I'll try not to break it!

I need a real camera the one on my phone sucks. I want to get a tripod and start doing long exposure pics

Congrats! Looking forward to new images!

We think alike. Been wanting to get a reflex camera, but so many out there makes it hard to choose.

Congratulations dear friend @ papa-pepper for this new acquisition, one of this is in my plans, I hope I can buy it in a few months.
This is a great camera, I believe without fear of being wrong is one of the best.
I wish you a happy year dear friend

I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and it's not half bad! They're good cameras, can't wait to see some of the photos you take with it!


Cool, thanks! Also, I have Barry in my possession now, just working on putting some stuff together!


Awesome! I can't wait!

Congratulations, Those are awesome shots. Hope to see great photos of the nature.

congrats for your new camera..someday i too will buy one..your posts encourage me to follow my you said steem has motivated us to enjoy our lives while making money :)

Ohhhhhh so jelly! Enjoy 🤗

Excellent gift to start the year friend @papa-pepper. A camera is extremely important in this world where we want to capture every moment. Best regards

congrats @papapepper you deserve to have that camera for your hobbies.

That's a beautiful camera! Im thinking of getting a new lens as well..

I'm right behind you! I tend to work on my posts until they are just right. Moving on up from a phone camera to a DSLR is one of my goals for 2018. Did you stay with the kit lens?

A DSLR is definitely not as convenient. However, it is far and above in photographic use. Glad you invested in the thing that you are doing and is making you a ROI.


I humbly disagree. A DSLR is as convenient as you make it. I use my camera bag as my purse so I have my kit with me at all times and can easily grab my camera to get a shot.

nice camera friend, how much his friend

Nice camera! It is nice to see more on a picture than even the eye would see. Lots of fun with it, and that we may see a lot of good pictures coming.

that's really nice man, enjoy it!!

nice camera friend. international quality. how much do you buy ... ??


I might have paid too much... hopefully it'll be worth it!


this can wake you up

Nice job bother @papa-pepper.

Please be careful with that snake before it attacks you. Lol.

But I love your job. Keep it up. All the best.


I'll try to be careful!

many many congratulations for your camera specially on new year and also your shots from it awesome and best spacially that snake open mouth photo is your good and professionall photography wish u more best with your new canon @papa-pepper


I can't wait to go find some creature somewhere to photograph!

I envy you sir 😥😄 @papa-pepper I so need a camera right now. Congrats sir


If my old one still worked, I'd gift it to you!


Awww....thanks kind sir

Congratulation! I hope u can get many good picture by using a new camera.

Fantastic. Enjoy the new camera. DSLRs capture so much more depth of field than a point-and-shoot. Blessings to you in 2018!

Hoping for more success to you sir.

Cool! @papa-pepper. I can see you work hard to inspire and help more people. Thank you.

Oof! I think I’ve seen too many snakes today already. Can’t wait to see the difference in your pictures!


LOL - You'll probably also see different snakes...

New year, new camara, new picture more fun. Wish you all the best for the new year.


Thank you, may you be blessed this year as well!

i just followed you cause your posts seems to be informative you are

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for more information @reewy ,, and thank you again for your great


That is an incredible shot of the snake! I bet if you showed that to your health insurance company they would let you deduct that camera as safety equipment... lol!


Yeah, cameras can make great shields!

That camera must be a powerful one...
Congratulations on your new acquire...

Sick! That's a nice one. Too bad you won't feel as connected to your subjects because you'll be farther away using zoom. There's just something that really courses through your veins when you get up close to a snake like that. What's it called? Venom? :D


Too bad you won't feel as connected to your subjects because you'll be farther away using zoom.

Good point, I'll miss them. This snake was a Water Moccasin, AKA Cottonmouth. They are venomous.


Just my two cents, but photographing animals should have some disconnect....they should be in their environment without the photographer interfering. Therefore, we, as photographers, should be a quiet, unobtrusive, observer.


I was being facetious. I wouldn't want to get that close to a venomous snake as there could be negative consequences. i.e. death. ;)


Lol, I'm terrified of snakes!


While I understand that point of view, staging a shot can be a lot of fun, and it can still look natural. Thanks!


Staged shots can be amazing. I just tend to not want to stress out the animals....especially the ones that have the potential to be fatal.

Old rebel gets new rebel!
Nice camera


LOL! True that!

papa about to bring the heat. nice new camera feeling! expecting some uber crispy shots from you in the new year! :)


I hope that they will be crisp! Thanks @teamhumble!

Congrats @papa-pepper. For sure that camera will take you to life we're you want to.. and of course will surely bring good shots that may inspire us here. More blessing for a guy who loves to share his blessing. God bless..


Thank you for the precious comment! Be blessed!


Your welcome and thank you also.

Wow! This is cool already for me, maybe because I'm not a camera person, but that snake looked so big after you zoomed it...

Congratulations for your new camera and may the universe bless you in surprising and joyful ways. Happy New Year, @papa-pepper

Very nice Camera. I have one of these and have shot commercial video for clients with it. You can get some very very nice results with it for photos and video. Congrats :) Looking forward to some nice images. Let me know if you need a hand with it.


Wow! Thanks for the offer! Thank you so much! I'll let you know!


My pleasure

That's Good Choice i have also this camera ;) Congrats!..

Steemit has indeed been an outlet for talent and creativity. I am so happy investing my time on steemit, Loving your new canon EOS😍

really nice to start the year with the new year
so can capture all best and peace moment in your life of new year
keep us update with your new photography
waiting for it
keep it up @papa-pepper

this is really great my friend @papa-pepper,
but friends should be careful in taking pictures like this, this is very dangerous.
Success is always for you my friend.

Fire away with that new Canon of yours. I have a photographer friend, and she loves Canon's cameras, so let's hope that you photos only get better and better.


I hope that they do get better! Thanks!

WOW, I aim to own a better camera also this year. Congrats on your new specs.


It was unexpected for me and not planned, since my other camera is currently not cooperating. Though that is rather unfortunate, I am blessed to be able to get a new one, and an upgrade at that!


Indeed you are blessed, may I know what kind of canon is that sir because I am planning to buy one also before this month ends, and I am still canvasing what model will I buy.

Way to go, @papa-pepper! Very nice camera and lens. I can't wait to see the photos you will be able to do now!


Me neither! Thank you!

I wouldn't know if that snake is dangerous or not, but you wouldn't catch doing that! Excellent results though.

Your going love having a DSLR You can capture so much more. :)


That one was a venomous Cottonmouth, but he was pretty relaxed.


Er no, I wouldn't use anything smaller than the Hubble lol

Congrats on a real camera, yes you had one before but seriously the new one you got will make your old one look like a toy. I love photography and the difference between what you will be able to capture now to what you have captured will be like night and day. Not that you didn't capture good shots you did but now those good shots will be great ones.


Not that you didn't capture good shots you did but now those good shots will be great ones.

I hope so. Thanks for the encouragement!

Some good photos are coming :)


I hope so! Thanks!

CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND! Very happy for you! Great news! Your starting the new year great! Please be careful with snakes! All the best my Friend! I'm looking forward to your posts! Light and Love! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Blessed 2018! :)

Wow beautiful camera

Congrats on the new camera brother. I just picked up an SL2 myself

I have seen pics from that kind of camera, they are super fine!

It's a fun camera! You'll love it. I highly recommend My3BoyBarians for learning how to use a DSLR in manual mode. Also, a 50mm 1.8 lens is going to blow away the lens that came with your camera and it's like $125.

Grats!... Nice new camera!

Gambar yang anda ambil sangat bagus dan menarik

Look at you, now you have a sharp tool. I am thrilled for you, you're going to up your game, more than you even know.


HEY! Where did you get that "74?"

Looking good, thanks a lot for the encouragement!

Sweet! I'm sure you've looked around already, but there's a really good course on you might want to check out:

Ben Long is a great guy, and an awesome teacher.

Enjoy the journey!

Sweet gear man :)
I've used my dads old camera, big, heavy and pretty tricky to operate before he sold it. The film for that one was expensive and I haven't use it except for special occasions, and learning. It was a long time ago. Now I have a small almost standard, "idiot" camera which is pretty common. I'm not really using and the feeling is not the same. Or it's because its fiddly. Not really sure about that.
I'm glad you got a tool which you like and which will make your photos even better :)
Steemit helped me to pursue my goals and hobbies and I'm doing it more and more. Best thing is that I like it and I'm having fun.
Keep it up. I miss Steempocalypse :p


Just wait, Lord willing STEEMPocalypse will be back, I just have a few other things to do first!


Sure thing! No rush. Do what you need to do.
I've mentioned that because I love a challenge of drawing a story my character is in :)

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Wow great camera! It'll be awesome to see what you can do from a safe distance... ha ha!

Nice camera @papa-pepper! Happy shooting!


Thanks man!

Nice camera! I am saving up for either the Canon T5i or the T6i! Looking forward to you using your new camera... God Bless!

Always fun to get new gear. Check out my blog for some photography and video tips. Cheers @papa-pepper

That snake makes me worried 😮

I can' wait to see sample pictures from your camera.

Taking the world by storm one picture at a time! I look forward to your posts and all that witty banter! Now I look forward to those million dot per inch photos coming from that Canon!

Happy new year sir... And congratulations... For the camera. I also want to buy one... It's awesome.. and so u gonna click awesome pictures with this.... And are you not scared of that snake?

Amazing! Steemit did something similar for me. I had quit just about every hobby I had, and in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve found a huge part of myself that was missing. For a lot of years! Man, I had missed that part! It makes me feel alive again, that’s for sure. I’m so grateful!

Excellent brand choice, btw! I love Canon. Recently, I bought that same one. I, too, had been zooming like you... with my cell phone, but hey, it got me over my fear of bees, real quick. Lol! Now a snake? I couldn’t do it. Kudos to you!!!

Congrats on the new camera! You are going to enjoy it!

Congratulations! for your new camera... I have the older version EOS 1200D of that and it takes good photos... If you would like to have a free photography course. I have a link that explains all the functions ... The course is called A Year With My Camera and tells you so much understanding with the basics and adjustments if you use the manual adjustments. I´ll look for the link and will give you later.

Nice! I am really excited about this post. ....moving forward! And I am excited to see what you get shots of now. Maybe, you can shoot things you haven't been able to before.

Great bro nice camera : i have wish to buy such a camera ! Hope in future i fulfill my this wish through steemit.Now i am new at steemit not too much getting SBD.😏

Congratulations on your new digicam... photos are looking great now..

Nice and amazing

Hello, i m new here plz encourage me :D

Thank you. This photo shared this photo is very beautiful. This is an awesome photo, and the camera is very good. And you're really a good photographer.

Great camera. I own a Rebel T6i and have been pleased with the photos I get and the color science that Canon has utilized. For my video work, I have recently upgraded to a Panasonic Lumix GH5 and have been pleased with it for video, but for photos, I still love that Canon and it is my goto.