Reflections on Photography

in photography •  7 months ago

A Random Selection

A random selection of images from my vast photographic archives reveal a fondness for water and plants, often in combination. I had not really noticed the connection that obviously until I literally sampled a random collection. It's often not until later or a body of work is analysed that we begin to see themes emerging, even in our own. I recently made a book of my photography and these two elements became very prominent from my favourite work. I have long been interested in reflections, glass and water for the flexibility they add to images and their ability to add multiple narratives, often in contradiction or with tension. A third thing can result or emerge or occur at the junction. That's perhaps what interests me most about photography. The ability to begin to create images which describe a process similar to thoughts. Multiple, relational and often ambiguous or emotionally loaded by recognition and association with archetypes and personal experience. Life.


Thunder and Lightning

I awoke at 6.30am on the 27th floor of an apartment block on the Upper East Side 93rd Street Manhattan to this moody storm. The thunder seemed to clap straight outside the window. This is one of my favourite all time images. Looking North, the moodiness of the early morning mist and the uniform buildings on the skyline describe an unforgettable experience of the Big Apple.


Afternoon dewdrops

in the undergrowth reveal a treasure trove of liquid jewels. The colours and the water drops combine to appear magical as the grass is rendered in the whole spectrum and light bounces through the water.


Coba, Ancient city of the Mayans

is a trip unlike any other. perhaps only 1% of this incredible ancient city has been revealed as the jungle keeps it's secrets from full disclosure. It's one of the the only places you can walk up an ancient pyramid and after a hot and humid trip watching water snakes hunt for fish among the lily pads as the light fades makes for memory bank gold.


Slash & Burn

driving through the coastal area of the Andaman Coast in Thailand I was mesmerised by this late afternoon vista of slash and burn in action. It reminded me of a scene from Apocalypse Now and with the lake in front providing a perfect still reflection and the sun going down behind the scene, rendering silhouetted palms, it's another golden moment for the memory banks.


Lake Coba

In this image, the flat as glass reflection of the sky makes the immediate connection to completeness of the water cycle and the life (apparent) that it enables. poetic after a wondrous day imagining life in the ancient city.


Bangor Pier, North Wales

taken from a mooring on the Menai Straits which separates the Island of Anglesey. Early morning, flat water and a rising sun make this a picture postcard view with the lush background and prominent hills providing elegant counterpoint to the Victorian Splendour of the Pier, reflected in the channel.

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Beautiful photography.You are insanely talented!!!Keep posting👌👌👌😉👍


that's very kind of you to say so ! thanks @khadija :)


No problem! It was my pleasure @outerground.