Well, especially if they were exactly like me. That would be really spooky. How would I react to that? Would I even like them? I mean, I think I like myself enough, and I think I've found that nice middle ground between narcissism and self-loathing, but if someone showed up just like me in every way? I don't like it when other people try to finish my sentences. Of course, if they were getting it right all the time... :)

"... then I'd have a blast." (did I just doppelgang the end of your sentence?)

I feel like I've seen a movie on that exact subject. Actually, there are probably tons of movies like that. They're usually thrillers, and involve a lot of mirrors...

Or Sci-Fi, and involve a lot of clones, or shapeshifters, neither of which bode well for the original. Yeah, so I think I'm okay without there being an exact duplicate of me. Life has a way of becoming stranger than fiction, and I don't want any situations where I can't possibly dream up the twists. :)

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