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Many posts on steemit from Europe have the word spring in the title and nice photos of nature waking up after winter break.

We are not there yet but I saw a guy in shorts in the grocery store today. At minus 4 Celsius.

What can I say: Crazy Canadians.

But here are some great spring shots for you today.

They are from our last year's Euro trip. We spent two days in Provence France and we were impressed.

It was the last week of April and the weather was just perfect. Not too cold and not too hot.


This is what I call The house with a soul,


or with history.


Gravel driveway with amazing shrubs and bushes.


Renovated little old house with mill wheel.


I'm very proud of this photo.


Water in the swimming pool was too cold and the grass was artificial.

Spring, not summer. Remember?

I will definitely visit Provence again.

Steem to $10 and I'll be packing. For sure.


I read and appreciate all your comments but the day is just to short to answer all of them.

Hope you understand that.

Have a good one, my friends.


Crazy Canadians! So true. They do not feel the cold and think there is something wrong with you if you do. If I had the choice, Provence would win over Canada for a destination. I will even be happy if steem breaks $1 again :)

Cool picture . The house is so cozy and beautiful

I love France! It is the one country that I went back to again and again. I will be rooting for that $10 for you and all the rest of us, too!

What a great palce!

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Never have visited Provence but based on your photos I might do it on some nice April week. Maybe even sooner as temperatures in Europe are now April like high.

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What... minus 4 and shorts. I am wearing a sweater, jacket, shoes and socks when it less than 25C lol. Great shots though ;) Love the blue skies and the flowers are very pretty indeed.

I told you. Canadians are crazy.

Haha.... they sure are. Don't know that many but the ones I know oh boy.... though crazy in a good way he ;)

The provence is really a beautiful reagion to sit back and relax a bit.. the smell of lavender always comes to mind while think about the area here I find.

Ps..i fell for it last night ...the spring...went somewhere with open shoes and no socks..nearly froze my feet off in the night..it sure are hell aint summer yet hahahahah

Howdy sir oldtimer! great job of making us feel warmer, those are wonderful scenes!

Thank you for following my blog and thank you for all your kind comments.
You're one of the most active steemians. Keep up with good work.
I read and admire your style but the day is just too short to read them all. Unfortunately. But I read some.

well howdy sir oldtimer! thanks for the kind words, your blog is always entertaining, you have a great sense of humor and the photos are amazing!

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