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Try to make a post every day and you'll eventually run out of ideas.

It's a tough job, especially if you not a native English speaker. It helps a lot if you able to travel and you like photography.

We took a long vacation last year and I have thousands of photos that were taken just for steemit posts.

Today I choose some shots of the capital of Slovenia. I know Ljubljana because I lived there for four years while studying many years ago.

I noticed a lot of changes and improvements and now is much more touristic oriented and clean as it was at that time.

On a beautiful sunny September day, it was a real pleasure wandering among old buildings.


The river running through the city has a similar name;


It's banks are full of tiny shops, boutiques, and restaurants and cafes.


They changed the name and appearance of the main street.

A long ago was the busiest street. Only public transport is allowed now and cyclists of course.


On our gym classes, we use to run by this canal on the concrete plates.

It looks like people prefer to visit gyms these days or probably they built the real running trails.

But this sight of abandoned canal definitely took me back in time.


Churches are always fascinating,


but Ljubljana castle is the most important and recognized symbol of the city.


Early in the morning, streets were still quiet and lonely.


I couldn't resist showing this super bull.

Maybe he'll chase the crypto bear away. It's about time, right?

Hang on, my friends, hang on.


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Trust me it is a herculean task to publish content daily. But sincerely, your photography skills are great and amazing. Kudos to you sir.

It's a lot harder when you are stuck in a (sometimes) crummy town located near an awesome city.

In Slovenia?

In Chicago. Forgot to state: Its a lot harder to make daily posts

Traveling probably makes it so much easier to write. You seem to have a fun life with all the places you visit. Enjoy for the rest of us :)

It's a tough job, especially if you not a native English speaker. It helps a lot if you able to travel and you like photography.

I can't agree with you more!

Hello. I'm a newbie here and posting on travel and photos in Korean mostly.
But sometimes I try to write English post to practice my English writing even though it's broken English.

Let me subscribe to your English post!

Good ones, lepo!

Scrat! I love scrat - your avatar. Anyways I am right with you it is a super human feat sometimes to post daily and I really enjoyed the pics from Ljubljana.

Very nice architecture in Ljubljana and the bull is really cool. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome photo

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I visited there once but just an overnight onthe way to somewhere else so didnt get to see as uch of the city as I would have liked so thanks for sharing the beauty of the city with us

I've never been to this city. Very nice there.
Thanks for the pictures.
You always have a lot of interesting angles and
attractions from your travels, @oldtimer

Hello oldtimer, you have all the reason, I can not find topics to publish, I'm from Venezuela and I use a translator for my post, I need a camera and travel and I would surely get wonderful things like yours, but since I can not travel or buy camera, I keep publishing every day there are always people willing to support me, you are one of them for which I am very grateful.

I think that with all that photographic material of excellent quality, you have many hours of writing since with your agile mind you produce detailed and very recreational publications, in addition we always say "an image is worth a thousand words". So I have many hours of entertainment on your unique blog. Greetings @oldtimer

the place look so quiet and peaceful, I hope to get to see as such of the city as I would have liked

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